Afrocentric clothing in eye-catching colors and prints

Complete your fashionable wardrobe with striking colors and bold prints from Ashro. Our Afrocentric clothing honors your heritage and helps your stylish side flourish on special occasions. From rich jewel tones to dramatic black and white designs, you can find your favorite prints in a variety of color combinations. Head-to-toe looks give you a powerful presence wherever you go — head out for the day feeling confident and proud in any of our Afrocentric styles!

African-style dresses help you celebrate history

These African-style dresses are more than fashionable wardrobe essentials. Each dress has a story and significance. Each dress has a history. Celebrate who you are and where you come from by wearing a beautiful Afrocentric dress any day of the week. Your style is deeply influenced by African culture, and these colorful African dresses let you share your heritage with the rest of the world.

Dashiki clothing and more Afrocentric fabrics

Search a variety of Afrocentric fabrics, from mud cloth clothing to Kente, to tell your story and keep your style fresh. Dashiki clothing, a fabric that first became popular in America during the 1960s, has become a symbol of Afrocentric-ness and a way to return to our roots. Bright colors and beautiful embellishments make no apologies, and the comfortable fabric keeps you feeling great all day long.

Modern Afrocentric styles add contemporary twists to your traditional clothing

You don’t have to compromise your contemporary style to wear your favorite African styles. Modern Afrocentric clothing items have been dramatically updated to fit in with your style today. Find Afrocentric prints paired with contemporary details such as peplum and ruffles!