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Let’s Start the PARTY! 20 Years!

Ashro is celebrating 20 years in 2023!

We are celebrating 20 YEARS in a BIG way…by looking back and looking forward, celebrating YOU, our customer!

For twenty glorious years, it has been our pleasure to help you bring your beautiful best to life. Your unique, enduring style endlessly inspires us.

Tell us an Ashro Memory here in our Ashro Woman Questionnaire:

Ashro Women Share Memories of Discovering Ashro

Wow, it’s been so long that I have been an Ashro customer. I remember when I first saw the catalog that I would imagine myself in certain outfits and play dress up in my mind until I got the credit and could actually purchase the outfits

Elena Garrett (Stockton, CA)

When I was first introduced to the Ashro catalog, I was so excited to see outfits, home decor, etc. that spoke to my heritage and my size.

Cheryl McCray (Chattanooga, TN)

When I received my first catalog, I was instantly captivated by the beauty-full (my way of expressing beautiful) styles shown.

DaVessa Brown (Granite City, IL)

When I first saw my grandmother with an Ashro catalog, I was like, “Those are some nice clothes!”

My grandmother has always been classy dresser and Ashro was her style!

Tameka Powell (Goldsboro, NC)

The first catalog I received was Fabulous! I saw women who looked like me & dressed as I wanted to dress! I’ve been a satisfied customer ever since.

Michelle Gilliard (Charlotte, NC)

My mother-in-law was receiving the magazine and she was ordering what she calls her church suits with the matching hats. She ask me to look at a suit that she wanted to order to see what I thought about it, that was the first time I saw what I called ‘sharp elegant clothes for a woman of color’ and I got excited! I said one day I will be able to order from this catalog.

Angelique Marshall (North Holland, IL)

I use to see the catalogs come in the mail for my Mom, I would always sneak them and look at them first before I would put them with her mail.  I have been an Ashro Fan for a very long time. I’m so glad I can now wear the fashions that I used to just dream about when I was younger.

Shara Mondy (Jacksonville, FL)

I do not remember when I first heard about Ashro, but I know how I became aware of it. My former neighbor, Leslie Royal, is a writer, blogger, and brand ambassador for Ashro. She would include me in emails that advertised pieces she had written or that promoted special Ashro events. That led me to go online and check out the line. After my first purchase, I was hooked. I am not just a satisfied customer; I am an Ashro Woman!

D’Ann Johnson (Covington, GA)

Ashro 20th Anniversary Sweepstakes coming in Fall 2023!

Stay tuned!

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To whom it may concern: I really love your clothes was wondering if you all can carter to the curvey n plus size women n full figure women sizes 4x-5x this would be a great value to a more larger customer base.keep the styles just adjust the sizes no disrespect please take in consideration thanks in advance


Thanks for the comment! We will pass this on to our Merchandising team!


I just love Ashtro Clothing line

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