Ashro Woman: Susie S.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Susie S. from Little Rock, AK!
She lives with heart. For 29 years, Susie has worked as a healthcare professional who puts her faith into action every day.

Ashro Woman: Brenda C.

Meet Woman of the Week, Brenda from Atlanta, GA! Brenda loves helping others, something she learned from her mother, and she serves as the Executive Director of Atlanta CARES.

Ashro Woman: Arnetta W.

Meet Woman of the Week, Arnetta from Cincinnati, OH! Arnetta also loves to give back to her community. She volunteers for a nonprofit and plans an upscale Mother’s Day Dinner and Fashion Show every year.

Ashro Woman: Charmain C

Meet Woman of the Week, Charmain, from Jamaica! Deeply inspired by her mother’s giving spirit, Charmain puts her heart and soul into helping others. It’s where she finds her joy.

Ashro Woman: Paulette G.

Meet Woman of the Week, Paulette G. from Washington D.C.! “What makes me get up in the morning is my anxiousness about what God has waiting for me. ‘So God, what’s in store for today?’”