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Building the Future We Deserve

By Lisa Peyton-Caire CEO& President of The Foundation for Black Woman’s Wellness

Friends, this is my most favorite time of year when our entire team at The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is gearing up to host our annual Black Women’s Wellness Day (BWWDAY) event. It is hard to believe that BWWDAY has been running strong for what will be 13 consecutive years this September. Over that time, we have impacted the lives of thousands of women across the country, inspiring them to take hold of their health and their lives like never before. The transformation stories continue to amaze us as women overcome illnesses, start exercising and eating better, improve their mental health, get their finances in order, and step out on faith to pursue their dreams with renewed purpose. I’m so incredibly proud of this as the beauty of our work continues.

The Inspiration Behind BWWDAY

It is equally hard to believe that my Mother, Roberta Peyton–the inspiration behind BWWDAY and the reason the Foundation exists today–has been gone for 15 years now. I had always imagined that she’d be here well into old age to witness my life, watch her grandchildren grow up, and to enjoy the fruits of her many years of hard work and sacrifice as a mother, provider, business owner, community steward, and protective family matriarch. She deserved to be here to rest and relish in the legacy she built.

Bittersweet Thoughts

As I take the stage each year to kick off day one of the event, I imagine what it would be like to see her sitting in the audience, smiling and taking in the day amongst the sea of beautiful faces and colors as I call her up to the stage to be honored and to offer words in her own beautiful way. These bittersweet thoughts never leave me, and bring both tears and resolve to stay on course with this work that brings life and renewal to so many.

What is certain is that when I launched BWWDAY in 2009–just three years after the devastating loss of my Mom, I had one intention in mind:

To do what I could in all the ways I could to empower Black women to build, protect and live the healthy, thriving lives we deserve.

Our Powerful Intention

That intention has not changed but has grown more powerful and steadfast each year. To live, thrive, and prosper is what I wanted most for my Mother. It is what I want for my daughters. It is what I want for you and every Black woman on this planet. And as we grow our team here at the Foundation, that intention has multiplied into a shared commitment and body of work that compels us to work on a daily basis to BUILD THE FUTURE BLACK WOMEN DESERVE.

We’re focusing on this powerful theme–BUILDING THE FUTURE WE DESERVE–at this year’s Black Women’s Wellness Day event and invite you to join us! As we come together in the virtual space this year, we do so knowing that, despite the very real challenges and unacceptable barriers we face in this country to secure our health and well-being, we still hold the power right now to transform our health and our lives on every level. Nowhere do we activate that power more profoundly than at BWWDAY when we are gathered together in one space, on one accord, and in absolute agreement.

Imagine 700 of us standing in agreement on September 24th and 25th with the intention of BUILDING THE FUTURE WE DESERVE!

As my Mother used to quote from one of her favorite scriptures,

“when we touch in agreement, God honors our desires, and it shall be done”.

I’m claiming that!

I challenge you to claim it too and to begin defining and writing down what this theme means to you. If you feel truly inspired, I also invite you to email us and share your thoughts as we gain inspiration from women across the country to shape our Black Women Deserve: A Policy Blueprint for Black Women’s Health which we will release later this year as a powerful action step to build a bold new vision and spur greater public accountability for our well-being. 

In the meantime, as you sit at your laptop or scroll with your phone, I ask you to read the words below out loud, because we know that speaking words from our heart and releasing them with a sincere spirit from our lips gives them life and power in the material world.  

Black Women Deserve…

I declare today that Black women deserve:

To live. To thrive. To prosper.

I decree today that Black women deserve: 

To be healthy, whole and free.

I affirm today that Black women deserve:

To flourish in a world that honors our humanity.

I profess today that Black women deserve:

To be honored, respected and protected.

I know today that when Black women succeed, our families and communities grow stronger.

And I commit today to creating the world that Black Women Deserve.  —

It’s up to us. Let’s do it!

13th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Day

September 24-25, 2021

*Early Bird Tickets close on August 15th!

Comments (4)

Thank you for what you are doing. We, as Black Women need continued support, information and to be the Best we can be together.

Thank you for the Inspiration and Aspirational words and actions. We as Women of Color will be stronger for them.

Blessings Beautiful. If you would be so gracious in supplying me with the link for your outreach organization application I wanted to know the information on how Astro donate to nonprofits. Thank you so much and have a beautiful day. Nina!

Thank you for all that your organization is doing for our community. We are trying to assist Black women our community in the areas on mental help, domestic abuse and homelessness. Can you provide any information of things we can do in our attempt to assist the community? Thank you.

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