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Ashro Women

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A black woman in a red sweater, a woman in front of a store's LOVE sign, a woman on a staircase, and three friends. Self-Love and Selfless Love for Valentine’s Day

Alter the mindset of this traditionally dedicated day for lovers and reach a new level of awareness. Here are Five Fulfilling Ways to Love on You (and Others) for you to celebrate Self-Love and Selfless Love for Valentine’s Day.

Partnership to Empower Black women to prioritize their health

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness announced its partnership with Ashro to empower Black women to prioritize and transform their health.

Ashro Woman: Elena G.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Lechana R. from Denham Springs, LA! Known at church as the “Hat Lady,” Elena loves “the transformative power” of style. It was her godmother that taught her to make sure her wardrobe reflected who she is on the inside.

Two smiling African-American sisters, one in a fancy hairdo, seated in front of a mirrored vanity. The Ashro Sisterhood Connection

Strength. Solidarity. Support. When sisters connect, amazing things happen! We asked 8 women to share how their special bonds have made a dramatic difference in their lives. Their answers may ring true for you, too!

Ashro Woman: Lechana R.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Lechana R. from Denham Springs, LA!

Celebrate Your Kwanza Colors-Black women wearing different styles in Kwanza colors Celebrate Kwanzaa in Style

1 week, 3 colors, 7 principles. 50 years! Celebrate Kwanzaa in style this holiday season.

Lisa from the Foundation for Black Women's Wellness Ashro Partners with The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness

I’m challenging you today and throughout the month of February to take hold of your heart health like never before, and to take these seven immediate steps recommended by the American Heart Association to lower your risk of heart disease:

Ashro Woman: Susie S.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Susie S. from Little Rock, AK! She lives with heart. For 29 years, Susie has worked as a healthcare professional who puts her faith into action every day.

A young black woman on a street, consoling a homeless older lady in a red and white hooded jacket. Meet Brittney Sharaun

Brittney opened up about everything from being on TV to working with the homeless…from struggling with confidence to her gratefulness for the strong, loving women in her life. Believe us, you won’t want to miss this!

12 African-American women shown at different events. 12 African American SHEroes

Take a look at 12 Mesmerizing, Modern Day African American Heroines Who Are Changing the World Before Our Very Eyes. Don’t miss this special feature.

Nine African-American couples, together at different events. How 9 Couples Keep the Fire Going

We asked nine African American couples, who honor their love 365 days a year, to share their inspirational stories of romance. Don’t miss this…

Ashro’s 20th Anniversary Sweepstakes

We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary in 2023! As part of our CELEBRATING, we’ll be having a Sweepstakes! Sweepstakes coming in August 2023! For…

Monique K. Featured Ashro Woman: Monique K.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Monique K. from McClean, VA

African-Americans at different events held at church. Churches to Welcome New Year with Riveting, Inspirational Watch Night Services

There will be countless Watch Night Service Celebrations taking place throughout the United States on December 31st. This special service allows contemporary African American churches the opportunity to thank God for the blessings of the current year as well as hear the pastor’s vision for the new year.

Happy Kwanzaa! banner on a fireplace with Kwanzaa candles on the mantle. Celebrating Kwanzaa: 7 Distinguished Women Share How They Live Out Its 7 Principles

Learn about Kwanzaa’s roots, its seven very potent and powerful principles…and how seven special women honor the holiday. Writer, Leslie Royal, breaks it down for us. Don’t miss this!

Hattie H. as Ashro Woman: Hattie H.

Meet Woman of the Week, Hattie H. from NC!

Ashro Woman: Jackie M.

Meet Woman of the Week, Jackie M., from Decatur, GA!

Ashro Woman: Yvonne J.

Meet Woman of the Week, Yvonne, from Glendale, AZ! This radiant woman is not only a writer, peer counselor and minister…but an overcomer.

Ashro Woman: Brenda C.

Meet Woman of the Week, Brenda from Atlanta, GA! Brenda loves helping others, something she learned from her mother, and she serves as the Executive Director of Atlanta CARES.

Ashro Woman: Arnetta W.

Meet Woman of the Week, Arnetta from Cincinnati, OH! Arnetta also loves to give back to her community. She volunteers for a nonprofit and plans an upscale Mother’s Day Dinner and Fashion Show every year.