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Ashro Women

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Ashro Woman of the Week, Janice, an African-American woman in a lavender hat and suit, with drop earrings. Ashro Woman: Janice M

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Janice M. from Walthourville, GA! “Knowing whose I am and who I am,” has gotten her through many challenges…

Ashro Woman of the Week, Latasha, a smiling black woman with long curly hair, wearing a black print top. Ashro Woman: LaTasha B.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, LaTasha B. from Bridgeport, CT. LaTasha is a beautiful example of what can happen when parents and grandparents pour into a child.

Ashro Woman of the Week, Dianne, a black woman wearing an off-the-shoulder print dress and red necklace. Ashro Woman: Dianne F.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Dianne F from Brunswick, GA. We can’t help admiring her love for life, generous spirit and gorgeous sense of style.

Ashro Woman of the Week, Wajeedah, an African-American woman wearing a yellow print headwrap and matching outfit. Ashro Woman: Wajeedah M.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Wajeedah S. from Allentown, PA. “Faith causes me to look over the mountaintop of my own life.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Tracey, a smiling African-American woman in a summery coral top and white slacks. Ashro Woman: Tracey S.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Tracey S. from Fort Pierce. Tracey gives the honor to her God, “God delivered me and made me whole.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Seletha, a smiling black woman with curly hair and bangs, wearing white earrings. Ashro Woman: Seletha T.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Seletha T. from St. Louis, MO. This beautiful lady loves chocolate and dressing up: “I grew up poor, so I don’t need a reason to dress up.

Ashro Woman of the Week, Carolyn, an African-American woman with short hair, wearing a yellow jacket dress. Ashro Woman: Carolyn L.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Carolyn. She says this about her husband; “He has pushed me and always encouraged me to be all that God desires for me to be.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Lucy, a black woman in a black and white dress, sunglasses, with a coral shoulder bag. Ashro Woman: Lucy H.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Lucy. This beautiful lady advises us to “Never let the opinions of others determine who you are.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Dr. Angela, a black woman in a cream hat with gold polka dots and matching suit. Ashro Woman: Dr. Angela H.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Dr. Angela.No doubt, Angela knows how to GLITZ IT UP! “Fashion constantly changes, but my style is me.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Brenda, a black woman with short silver hair in an off-the-shoulder blue dress. Ashro Woman: Brenda H.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Brenda. Brenda’s looking beautiful in blue and undeniably confident in who she is. Brenda’s best advice is “Put God first.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Beverly, a black woman with curly hair, in a black top and long gold and orange skirt. Ashro Woman: Beverly K.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Beverly. Her biggest influence was her mother because she taught Beverly to “love without boundaries.”…

Ashro Woman of the Week, Alysha, a black woman with curly auburn hair, in a yellow floral dress with full skirt. Ashro Woman: Alysha R.

Meet Alysha! She says that the fuel that wakes her up every morning is purpose and knowing that God has blessed her with another opportunity….”

Five African-American Mothers and Daughters together. Celebrate Mother’s Day with Special Tributes

Mothers and “mother figures” love unconditionally, listen intently, and have an open heart. Read some very special tributes.

African-Americans in gathered in a large church. Hillside International Truth Center Inc. Presents a Profound Watch Night Service Experience

Hillside International Truth Center, Inc., sited in Atlanta, Georgia, and its pastor, affectionately known as “Dr. Barbara”, are globally recognized as enlightened, forward-thinking and profound. Take a look at their profound Watch Night Service plans.

18 African-American women in different outfits and poses. Amazing Women Making An Amazing Difference

It takes a strong fortitude and lots of tenacity to make a difference in our communities and congregations. We asked our lovely contributor, Leslie E. Royal, to find some shining examples of compassionate and giving women who earn their “amazing” every day. Inspired? Share your own story at the end!

Celebrate You

YOUR STORY. YOUR STYLE. Here’s to you, and all the “A-mazing” ways African American women let their “inner light” shine through their statement-making style! From…

African-American mother and daughter looking at each other and laughing Rochelle (mom) & Rachal (daughter) [Video]

Go behind the scenes at our Mother’s Day photo shoot as Ashro model, Rachal, chats with her mom, Rochelle, about their special bond. Read below…

gift ideas-caftan, headwrap, necklace & earrings, shoes, gray bow hat, flowing white shirt 10 Heritage-Inspired Gift Ideas

Gift-giving rule #1: never give the extraordinary women in your life an ordinary gift! From birthdays to Mother’s Day, here are a few standout gift ideas that say “you’re special to me.”

African-American mother and daughter smiling at fancy event Celebrate Motherhood

Here’s to all those special women in our lives. We honor their loving guidance and wisdom every day, but especially on special occasions like Mother’s Day!