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Best Dishes from Ashro Women

Best Dishes from Ashro Women

We absolutely love getting to know you. You inspire us!

Since we didn’t want to keep that inspiration all to ourselves, we’re sharing the experiences and thoughts of other Ashro Women with YOU!

Here are some of the responses we received when we asked you: What is your best dish? Who do you make it for-and where do you typically serve it?

Meet Cynthia from Gordon

“Braisened oxtails. I usually make them every year for my mom’s birthday dinner.”

Meet Gwendolyn from Louisville, KT

“My best dish is Baked Spaghetti I make it mostly for my daughter, who just had a Birthday Party in which I made 6 trays. I also make it for game nights or if we go to someone’s house to watch TV.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Wajeedah, a smiling black woman in a gray print headwrap and gray buttoned coat.

Meet Wajeedah from Allentown, PA

“A dish that I made up….MINT LAMB or Salmon steak, with avocado sauce. I make it for me and my family at home.”

Meet Tina from Worcester

“I have many , but I suppose if I had to narrow it down to one , it would be my “” Smoked Kippered Herring Cornish Pasties””; I make it for my significant other and I serve it in our kitchen.”

Meet Judy from Baton Rouge, LA

“Seafood gumbo and bacon bottom cornbread. I make it for family, friends, the homeless group around the corner.”

Meet Antoinette from Greenville, MS

“Rotel. I usually make it at home for my family when we’re watching movies, WWE Pay-Per-View, or events such as the Super Bowl or NBA Finals.

Meet Luz Magaly from Rochester, NY

“I think it would be my Coconut Flan. Everyone loves it! I usually make it for holidays at family gatherings.”

Meet Arlene from Bronx, NY

“I am known for my Jerk Pork, a traditional Jamaican dish and my Rum Punch. I make and serve both items for celebratory gatherings throughout the year.”

Meet Comedienne from Atlanta, GA

“Seafood Lasanga. I make the best Lasanga. I use really fresh ingredients and my entire family loves it. My brother, my cousins, and my nephew’s uncles request it often.”

Meet Patricia from Orlando, FL

“I have many..I like my fry bakes with salt fish for breakfast and my family and friends love my curry chicken for lunch. I serve it at home, and when I visit my family in New Jersey.”

– Introduce Yourself! –

We’re calling on the sisterhood of Amazing Ashro Women to introduce yourselves and share your stories. Fill out our questionnaire and share a pic of your beautiful smile.

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Published on May 05 2020

Last Updated on Jul 26 2021

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