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Lessons of Motherhood from Ashro Women

Lessons from Motherhood

We absolutely love getting to know you. You inspire us!

Since we didn’t want to keep that inspiration all to ourselves, we’re sharing the experiences and thoughts of other Ashro Women with YOU!

Here are some of the responses we received when we asked you: What lessons has motherhood (or being a grandmother) taught you?

Meet Lynn from Marietta, GA

Ashro Woman Lynn from Marietta, GA

“1. Enjoy every moment as a parent even the trying ones because kids grow up too fast (esp. watching clouds go by and flying kites). 2. Don’t take yourself so seriously. 3. Laugh a lot.”

Meet Lucy from Houston, TX

Ashro Woman of the Week, Lucy, a black woman with curly hair, wearing a sleeveless brown dress with full skirt.

“Motherhood taught me what real unconditional love was. Being a grandmother taught me that granddaughters will put eyelashes on you when you nap lol”

Meet Cassandra from Shreveport, LA

Ashro Woman Cassandra from Shreveport, LA

“Children have their own will. No matter how you teach them , sometimes they will fall. As a mother you should always be there with encouragement to pick them up.”

Meet Antoinette from Greenville, MS

“Motherhood has taught me patience, persistence, and prayer. The biggest lesson would have to be don’t give up and don’t be too hard on yourself. Mistakes will be made; use them as green lights, not stop signs.”

Meet Toy from Brooklyn, NY

Meet Toy from Brooklyn, NY

“I’m not a biological mother, but I raised a daughter from the age of 6 months old to currently 25 years old. She also made me a “”Lola”” (grandmother in Philippine) of a 5 year old granddaughter. You could also count all the students I’ve had over the years, lol. It has taught me to lead by example. Be transparent about the good, bad, ups and downs that life has to offer. To encourage, but not enable. Once they are grown, allow them to live out life on their own terms with what you’ve taught them and be an honest, objective support system when they need it.”

Meet LaTasha from Bridgeport

Ashro Woman of the Week, Latasha, a smiling African-American woman with smooth auburn chin-length hair.

“Yes. It causes me treat people with respect, regardless to who they are and where they come from. This sounds corny but it’s TRUE. It caused me to learn how to say hello in Urdu, or Hindi. It causes me to study the Bible more, and do research on different bible topics.”

Meet Carolyn from Jacksonville, FL

Ashro Woman of the Week, Carolyn, an African-American woman with short hair, wearing a yellow jacket dress.

“To be an example. To not judge my children, but to always love them, to encourage them and to let them know that I am so proud of them.”

Meet Rolanda from Merrillville, IN

Ashro lookbook customer Rolanda, a smiling black woman with long wavy brown hair, wearing a wide brim hat.

“Be patient with you kids. Don’t rush their love of GOD, be honest and consistent. Try not to confuse them or aggravate them by not be consistent in your teachings and faith. Show them the love and beautiful things of our Creator so he is real to them in their youth.”

Meet Wajeedah from Allentown, PA

Ashro Woman of the Week, Wajeedah, a smiling black woman in a gray print headwrap and gray buttoned coat.

“My role as a mother is a very significant role, starting with shaping and molding the society in the home, with the children. I must have God in my life because, “”A woman that rocks the cradle rocks the world.”” Trudging the path in my journey…but in a dignified manner, adhering to the role of a Matriarch.”

Meet Janice from Walthourville, GA

Ashro Woman of the Week, Janice, a smiling African-American woman in a cream hat, white jacket and green top.

“That each child is a sample of my love but they are a strong young men with healthy and prosperous futures ahead of them. I had brief period in my life where brain damage affected my long term and short term memory. One memory that took a while to come flooding back was the birth of my younger son. So, motherhood is a gift that is never boring because you are always blessed to be needed in some capacity. You know being a grandmother is like finding a pot of gold over and over again.”

Meet Theresa from Douglasville, GA

Meet Theresa from Douglasville, GA

“Wow, what a great question –
I have 3 beautiful children 25, 22, and 10 and I am newly proud grandmother (lola – Philippine) and my Lord what a blessings on so many levels- being a mother has taught me patience, love, kindness, protection, never giving up, standing strong, support, God-fearing the list of lessons, trails, and tribulations goes on and on – motherhood is a blessings and to have a 2nd generation I may be a part of is even a greater one – sharing the ups and the downs – the highs and lows – the accomplishments in each stage of their lives – and now watching our oldest raise his daughter our granddaughter- like evolution if you will – seeing our middle child grow into her own woman and making her own decisions – having our little man grow and develop as we see each of our children strive in the places they are in there lives and succeeding- everything I see as a mother helps me to be that much more to them”

Meet Doris from Brunswick, GA

Meet Doris from Brunswick, GA

“Give them to Christ Jesus, let them go and find their own way. Pray continuously, be there for them, but allow them to come to you once they are grown. I have discovered my Heavenly Father’s Word will not come back void.”

Meet Crystal from Douglasville, GA

Ashro lookbook customer Crystal, a smiling black woman with short hair and bangs, wearing a bright yellow top.

“After you’ve done all you can, stand in faith; that you have to “”let them go”” sometimes and give them over to the Grace of God – the best thing for them anyway.”

Meet Kimberly from Newark, DE

Meet Kimberly from Newark, DE

“I have learned to be patient, stronger, resilient, braver, and to never give up. As a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 2 pushed me pass what I thought I could not do & do whatever they needed to help them be the achievers they have already become.”

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We’re calling on the sisterhood of Amazing Ashro Women to introduce yourselves and share your stories. Fill out our questionnaire and share a pic of your beautiful smile.

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Published on Feb 21 2021

Last Updated on Jul 22 2021

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