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African-American mother and daughter looking at each other and laughing

Rochelle (mom) & Rachal (daughter) [Video]

Go behind the scenes at our Mother’s Day photo shoot as Ashro model, Rachal, chats with her mom, Rochelle, about their special bond. Read below through the full interview. We just love their relationship!

Check out their video if you haven’t yet

The Mother/Daughter Interview

African-American mother and daughter with laughing smiles

Rachal/Daughter: I would describe my relationship with my mom as we’re very close. She literally lives down the street from me, which is awesome because I have my mom with me. And at first, I’m like, “Oh goodness, what is it going to be like with my mom living down the street?” But it’s perfect. 

She’s my hanging buddy, she watches my dogs, she’s… It’s kind of perfect just having her being there because we’re not just mother and daughter, we’re also friends.  

African-American mother and daughter looking at each other and laughing

Rochelle/Mom: The most memorable Mother’s Day was one time we went out and there was a sample bar of food. The lady says, “Oh, well you can sample anything you want…” And we were like, “For real?”  So we literally sat there for two hours eating all the samples. 

Rachal/Daughter: Then the lady came over and said, “Yeah, I didn’t necessarily mean sample for two hours.” But we had a ball.  Then they changed the policies after that and said no more free samples.

Rachal, Ashro Model

An African-American woman in a lime green dress with tiered bell sleeves.

Rachal/Daughter: My A Style is quirky, eclectic, fun, a little bit of pizzazz. I like to walk in a room and be noticed. Wait, no. I like to walk in a room and have everybody talking about me, but in the best way because I’m that cute, I’m that quirky, I got the best hair, I’ve got the best clothes on, my outfit is everything.

My A Style makes me feel like I’m in charge, like I can conquer the world, like nothing can stop me. I know I look good. I’m feeling good. It puts the brightest smile on my face. When you look good and you feel good, you can do anything.

And I want everybody to know that I radiate that with my A Game. I’m bringing it.

What my mom taught me about my style is to not be afraid of color, to take risks, be bold, be bright, be vibrant, always be a lady, and just to be me and never be ashamed of being me, and be genuine, and stay true to myself. 

Black woman in black and white polka dot dress having hair fixed

 I joined Rachal at work today and it was awesome.  Just watching her work, and watching how things are done in the background, and how the camera works, and how the pictures are chosen, and just the different things that it takes to make one page of a catalog was just amazing to me. It’s an experience that I will never forget, and that my daughter has a big part of it. And everybody just loves her. They love her, and I love that that they love her.

African-American woman having hair and make up fixed

Rachal/Daughter: First she was shy because it’s her first time being here, but before you know it, Mama was over there picking pictures and she was calling shots. I was just like, “Uh-oh, I think she may be about to…” Because you kind of got to watch her because before you know it, she’s running this whole photo shoot. And I warned them, I was like, “Mama coming, you all. Mama coming.”

Rochelle/Mom: I was extremely proud of her…just to see how everybody else was so proud of her, and they talked about her all the time, “This is our top person,” that made me feel good. I said, “Oh, I guess I did something right.”

Rachal/Daughter: My mom has been an inspiration to me as she has inspired me to never have any limits. If there’s something that I wanted to achieve, keep going. Never feel like, “Okay, you made it, so stop right there,” or, “You can’t do this because you’re a girl or you’re…” She made it where I can do anything in life because I would look at her and she’s done everything. I’m always in awe.

Rochelle/MomMy daughter is an inspiration to me because she’s so strong-minded and she knows what she wants out of life. She doesn’t let anybody take advantage of her. She has such strength. I like the decisions she makes…for the most part, they’re sound. 

Rachal/Daughter: For the most part?
Rochelle/MomOkay, all the time. They’re sound.
Rachal/Daughter: All right. I’ll take that.

Rochelle/MomWatching her grow up, you know, from a child to a woman has been just amazing to me.

Rachal/Daughter: What I admire the most about my mom is her…she has a very big heart and warm spirit…You can step on her foot and take her last loaf of bread, and she’ll forgive you for it.  She’s very kind-hearted, and she sees someone that’s struggling or needs help, she’s always trying to help someone. You know, that’s hard to find, and especially in this day and age where everybody’s just for themselves. And my mom’s always thinking about other people, and she’s always putting her children first.  So, you know, it’s sweet.

African-American mother and daughter with laughing smiles

Rochelle/Mom: Another memorable Mother’s Day was when Rachal was little she made pancakes for me.

Rachal/Daughter: I did make her pancakes for Mother’s Day. That’s about all I did. I never cleaned the house though. I’m not that domestic.

Rochelle/Mom: Well, you’ve done that before. You’re a good daughter. 

Rachal/Daughter: Yeah, I try.

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