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Caftan History

What is the history of caftans? Learn about the origins of the caftan to better understand the inspiration behind today’s modern designs. If you want an outfit that mixes ancient glamor and modern style, you can’t go wrong with a caftan. These garments have remained generally unchanged for thousands of years. The caftan originated in […]

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Decoding African Fabrics and Prints: The Story Behind the Style

African prints play a central role in Afrocentric fashion, but there’s more to these compelling designs than meets the eye. Once you know their stories, you’ll love them that much more. If you follow black women’s fashion trends, you’re familiar with African prints—those bold, beautiful designs that give women’s clothing a decidedly Afrocentric vibe. Executed […]

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How to Make Afrocentric Fashion Part of Your Wardrobe

Afrocentric fashion is hot right now, but for African American women, it’s more than a trend. It’s a way to honor our heritage and celebrate who we are—while creating a style all our own.     As a style-conscious African American woman, what’s your relationship to black-is-beautiful fashion? Maybe you’ve already embraced the look and others [...]
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Celebrate Kwanzaa in Style

During the holiday season, we think about family, faith and festive gatherings; we also think about Kwanzaa, the holiday tradition that honors African-American ancestry and brings a sense of identity and belonging. The three colors of Kwanzaa: red, black, and green are rich in meaning. Honor your heritage by wearing one of these meaningful colors [...]
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