How-To-Tie Headwraps 2019 [VIDEOS]

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How to Tie a Headwrap – Turban Style


To recreate this look, the first thing you’ll need to do is to make multiple folds on one end of your wrap. Place and hold firmly at your temple to create a foundation and then start wrapping the fabric around your head. Keep holding onto your foundation as you wrap. Gather your fabric in between your thumb and forefinger so that you can wrap with ease. The key to this headwrap is to keep gathering within your fingers and wrapping firmly as you move along. This is where you see the versatility of this headwrap as you can wrap to expose a more solid color or wrap to expose the patterns on the wrap itself. As you approach the tail end of your fabric, you are going to securely tuck it into any of the folds that you previously made. Keep tucking until the tail is undetectable and you’re all set. Pair with some statement earrings and you’re ready to go.

How To Tie a Headwrap – Bow

To easily recreate this look, you want to make sure that your headwrap is placed evenly behind your head. You’re then going to tie a knot. But before you secure that knot, be sure to shift your fabric either to the left or the right so that the placement of your bow will be on either side. Now, you’re going to create a simple bow, just as you would tie the laces on your sneakers or a bow on a dress. Expand your bow on either side and be sure to tuck the remaining ends of your bow into your headwrap. Now, you have a beautiful statement headwrap you can accentuate with some earrings. And, now, you are ready to go.


Everything You Need to Know About Headwraps

Here’s the why, how, and what about headwraps! Take a look at this comprehensive overview.


Wrap Up, Head-Turning Style-black woman in multi-color print styles with matching headwraps

More How-To-Tie Headwrap Videos with Xayli! 

Style 1: Nefetari Headwrap


Style 2: Sachi Headwrap


Style 3: Gaia Headwrap

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