How-To-Tie Headwraps [VIDEOS]

4 black woman in different headwraps

Make a bold statement in heritage-inspired headwraps

Find yourself drawn to bold, beautifully twisted head scarves? You’re not alone. Of all the stylish headwear available to the African American woman, heritage-inspired headwraps hold a special appeal. Originating in Africa centuries ago, today’s high-fashion headwraps are synonymous with confidence, elegance and Afrocentric pride.

How to Tie a Headwrap

We partnered with Xayli Barclay to share three different headwrap tie videos.

Style 1: Nefetari Headwrap


Style 2: Sachi Headwrap


Style 3: Gaia Headwrap


Everything You Need to Know About Headwraps

Here’s the why, how, and what about headwraps! Take a look at this comprehensive overview.


Black woman wearing orange and black geometric print headwrap

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