Shapewear: Dress Before You Dress

…and you won’t believe how good you look!

Ladies, when we say, “dress before you dress,” we’re talking about wearing the undergarments that work for you and make you feel absolutely wonderful—no matter what you’re wearing.

Let’s face it. Since we’re flesh-and-blood women (not walking air-brushed models), we all have imperfections: a little bulge here, a bit of a sag there. Add in the challenges our clothes can cause, and there’s even more reason to pay attention. Maybe our everyday bra shows through that dress we want to wear…or our underwear creates unfortunate, unflattering panty lines.

What’s the solution?

The right undergarments! No matter who you are, or what you look like, if you get that first layer right, it will make you look and feel more comfortable, more polished and more beautiful. The trick is figuring out what you really need and want—a slip, cincher, cami, bodysuit, booty booster? Let us help.

Team Ashro joined forces with Janet, Leslie and Tabitha to help you discover the pieces that will work best for you. They each gave some of our shapewear a test drive…and then shared their nitty gritty feedback with all of us. Thank you ladies! Thanks also to Antasha, Leslie’s daughter, for snapping pictures.

Please join us as we move, piece by piece, through some great options.

Which ones are right for you? Let’s take a look…

dress icon


If you wear dresses that are fitted, you probably need a good slip.

We bet your grandmother wore a slip.
Most grandmothers did (being the smart, practical women that they were).

Slips are soft against the skin, conceal panty lines and even skim over our imperfections. For a good long while, women started seeing slips as old-fashioned and unnecessary and stopped wearing them in favor of…nothing at all. This was okay until fashions got more fitted and clingy.

Then we went from wearing no slip at all to wearing punishing, compression-type shapers. No thank you! Squeezing into these pieces can make any woman feel ungraceful, suddenly chubby and really short of breath. And ladies, who wants to feel like that? Thankfully there is middle ground. It’s not your grandmother’s slip and it won’t make you feel bad.

A slip with gentle, nonaggressive control, like our Control Dress Slip is the perfect thing. It’s soft and supremely comfortable—but also smooths the tummy, butt and thighs. Perfect under a dress, it controls in all the right places, yet still makes a woman feel feminine, lovely and COMFORTABLE!

Leslie Thumbnail Image


Leslie tried our Control Dress Slip and calls it “Heaven sent…”

“I love it love it love it! It’s so comfortable. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything that’s holding me in, but when I look in the mirror, I look great!”

What you should know about Leslie is that she likes her comfort. She admittedly pulls the underwire out of all of her bras because she doesn’t like how they feel. The control slip gave her all the support she needed without a bra. “Just pull up on the adjustable straps for the lift you want.”  According to Leslie, this should work for most modestly endowed women.


Janet also tried our Control Dress Slip and considers it a wardrobe staple.

“It feels great on your body. Very soft with comfortable control.”

Here, Janet is wearing it under our close-fitting Nika Sweater Dress.

“It’s good for straight dresses when you want that smooth look. It makes your dress look and feel more finished.”

Because there is no padding in the bust area, Janet recommends wearing a bra with the slip—especially if you are heavy chested.

Ladies, no matter how you are built, a good, light-control slip is a gift to you. It can make you look and feel better than ever in the dresses you already own.

Photo Credit: Antasha J. Royal
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If you are a woman in the 21st century, you need a cami wardrobe.

There are so many reasons to wear a cami…

1. Your top is sheer.

There are more sheer tops than there ever were before. This puts us in a pickle. If you don’t have the right cami, you can’t wear that new sheer top!

Red Cami under denim jacket

2. You want to add a contrasting color statement.

The color of your cami matters! A nude cami underneath a sheer top or cardigan gives you a completely different look than a cami that’s black, white or brightly colored. You can also wear under a jacket for a pop of color.

3. Your top is cut too low in front.

Whether the occasion is more conservative—or you just don’t like to show cleavage, layering a cami beneath a plunging neckline can be a quick and easy way to keep things modest.

4. You love the comfort of a cami!

It’s easy to get used to the feeling of a soft cami against your skin—especially tucked into jeans or under a scratchy sweater. And if you tend to get cold, having that thin, extra layer can make a surprisingly cozy difference.

corset icon

Waist Cinchers

If you want the appearance of a smaller waist…try a waist cincher.

Undeniable fact: an hourglass figure is a beautiful thing.
That’s why women have been cinching their waists for centuries.

Thankfully, we are no longer using painful corsets (or fainting as much as we used to). But even today, there are different degrees of cinching. We asked Janet to wear our more engineered (aggressive) Waist Cincher by Rago. It has hook-and-eye fasteners for firm but comfortable control.

HINT #1: If you’re wearing thin, fitted clothing over the cincher, wear a cami or slip to camouflage the line of the hook-and-eye closures.

HINT #2: Janet recommends hooking up the cincher and then stepping into it and pulling it into place. It’s a lot easier than trying to zip or hook it while it’s on your waist.


Janet absolutely loved how it made her look in a fitted T-shirt and also in a sleek sweater dress.

“I love it! It holds in my stomach area and waist—with no rolling—and it really makes a difference.”

Leslie tested the Lacy Waist Cincher.  She loved the ease of the zip-on, zip-off construction. Here she is wearing the waist cincher underneath our Charo Bodysuit & Isabella Floral & Mesh Ball Skirt.

“I don’t need a lot of control, so the light to moderate compression is perfect. It’s firm enough that it holds everything in comfortably.”

There was no rolling up either. When she tried it on with a fitted top, it smoothed her slight back rolls. “They were gone.”

Both ladies agree that they would wear their cinchers under fitted clothing for special events.

Leslie wearing Ashro Bodysuit and Isabella Floral Ball Skirt
Photo Credit: Antasha J. Royal

Shapewear Shorts

If you want to smooth your tummy, hips, thighs and butt under pants, dresses or skirts, you want a high-waist short-style panty.

Shapewear High-Waisted Shorts Panty

Janet tried our High-Waist Control Panty. She loved the comfort and control in the waist, thighs and butt. She found that it didn’t roll down as some high-waist pieces can. If you have larger thighs and are wearing it under slim-fitting jeans, she cautioned that there might be a line where the garment ends on your thigh.



If you want a slim, clean silhouette in skirts, pants and jeans, you’ll love the way a bodysuit looks!

Ashro Bodysuit and Isabella Floral Ball Skirt

Breathtaking! The success of this beautiful look relies upon the clean lines of the Charo Bodysuit. It works so well with our Isabella Floral & Mesh Ball Skirt.

If we had paired a blouse with the skirt, there would have been too much bulk at the waist. None of us needs the added “weight” of a hem to tuck in—especially when we are wearing a voluminous skirt. Like any good bodysuit, this one creates a wonderfully smooth silhouette. With its sheer arms, intricate soutache embellishment and crocheted cuffs, it’s perfect for special occasions.

Leslie Thumbnail Image


Leslie raved about it…

“Love the sheer sleeves and the look. Love the fit. Bodysuits can sometimes be uncomfortable when you fasten them, but this one has zero discomfort. And its material is cool and comfortable. I love it! It holds in my stomach area and waist—with no rolling—and it really makes a difference.”

Bottom Boosters

If you’re flat bottomed and want to know what it’s like to be CURVY, you could opt for a booty booster.

What’s a booty booster? It’s simply undies with pads in the derriere. Ours is high waisted to give you a smooth line and some tummy control. It lifts the bottom you already have…and has soft, removable pads to add just the right amount of BADDA BING!


Tabitha was kind enough to try out our High-Waist Bottom Booster.

“I like it. It definitely adds more back there and is comfortable.” 

Lovely Tabitha is “not used to having anything back there,” so she said that even though she liked it a lot, “It took some getting used to.” She says she definitely will wear it again.

Here’s Tabitha in our Tiffany Dress (with the bottom booster underneath)

HINT: Ladies, if you’re already very curvy back there, count your blessings and don’t buy this. It will do unpretty things to you. (This is only for the modestly bottomed among us.)

Photo Credit: Antasha J. Royal

Ladies, a big thank you to every one of you for reading through our piece on first-layer dressing. We expect that many of you have your own tips, successes/failures and suggestions to share regarding this topic. If you’re brave enough, we’d love to hear from you. Comment below!

Keep on being the beautiful creation you are!


Your Ashro Family

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  1. Marilynn Henderson November 8, 2018 at 8:27 am #

    I’ve been trying to order the control dress slip size 36 B or C cup in vanilla throughput this year but it’s never available.

    • Ashro November 14, 2018 at 11:13 am #

      Sorry to hear this Marilynn! Of course we’d love to have what you need in stock so you can place an order. We will check with our merchant and get back to you by email. Thanks so much for the comment.

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