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How to Wear a Wig and Why

Become. Evolve. Transform. (We Dare You) Learn how to wear a wig—and why! Whether you want to switch up your look, turn around a bad hair day or give your styling tools a rest, wigs come in so many gorgeous, ready-to-wear black hair styles: short, curly, long, short. All it takes is a little know-how. Get ready to look amazing!

Vivica Fox Wigs

With Vivica, it is simply amazing how you can shine and stand out in the crowd effortlessly, yet glamorously. Browse her collections of wigs right here!

African Wigs 101: Wig Rules So Your Wigs Can Rule

When you decide to buy and wear wigs, you will come across the standard tips for how to be successful. However, there are so many more unspoken rules that rarely get mentioned.

How to Put On A Wig : Back to Basics

Fact: Wearing a wig is more than just unpacking it and putting it on. Let’s go back to basics for a refresher on exactly how to put on a wig.

Picking Your Perfect Wig Color

Guest Post by Wankaya Hinkson, Celebrity Hairstylist. The color of your wig is the foundation of how it will make you feel. But with so many styles to choose from you may be a bit overwhelmed with your choices. we have some tips that will help you choose the perfect wig color.

8 Best Tips for New Wig Wearers

There are so many ways that you can express yourself through hairstyles, wigs being one of them. While wigs have become a mainstream fashion, you may not know where to start if you are a beginner in the wig world.

Top Tips for Styling Your Wig

One of the easiest ways to give yourself a quick makeover is by adding a little flair with a wig. Wigs can add flavor to your personal style, but styling a wig can be a struggle.

Our Customers Love Our Wigs!

Do you wear wigs? Hear what our customers have to say about our wigs.

A Guide to Washing Your Wigs

Looking for great tips for cleaning your human hair and synthetic hair wigs? Check out our tips for maintaining a long life for your wigs.

How To Apply a Wig [VIDEOS]

Change your look anytime! Rock the wigs you love with ease by choosing wigs for black women designed with you in mind from Ashro.

How to Buy a Wig

Buying a wig for health reasons or to change up your look? Check out these tips for getting 
the best style and fit for you!

How to Make a Wig Look Real

Synthetic wigs are an inexpensive way to change up your look from time to time. The main issue with synthetic wigs is the level of difficulty there is to make them look like natural hair. Luckily, we’re here to reveal some amazing (and some unbelievable) ways to make your wig look more real.

Debra Church Wearing Ashro Wig & Headwrap

Debra used to model for us and we wanted to continue working with her, so we sent her a wig & headwrap for her to model and review them.

Kiauna Models a Bang & Bun and a Bang & Pony

Like most of our Ashro customers, Kiauna has a passion not just for fashion, but for creating her own unique style. Take a look at her wiglet styling.

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