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Your Story, Your Style

Share on Facebook So, here’s to you, the amazing, accomplished African American woman! Here’s to your confidence, creativity, zest for life and unique sense of style. You love many things, and one of them is fashion. In fact, you’ve raised it to an art form. You know that one of the great joys of being [...]
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How to Wear a Wig and Why

Share on Facebook With endless, ready-to-wear black hair styles, you’ll never have another bad hair day! African American wigs are a big deal right now. Not only are celebrities and fashionable women wearing them more and more, but wigs themselves just keep on getting better. Whether you’re completely new to wigs...or have a gorgeous collection [...]
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Plan an A Style Vacation

It’s time to escape to your summer retreat. According to the Mandela Research Firm, African American travel rakes in more than $48 billion in revenues in the United States alone. Black travelers are increasingly unearthing and discovering new, exotic places to see as well as visiting classic destinations they have loved for generations. Contemplate vacationing [...]
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