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Ashro Customer, Danette [Lookbook]

Meet Danette! From New Jersey, she is a professional singer/actress and current Ringmaster of Omnium Circus. We sent this proud Ashro Woman some outfits and here’s how she rocked them.

Thank you Danette!

“I would describe the Ashro woman as confident, stylish and bold in character, which is exactly ME!”

Ready in Red

I can imagine wearing the red shirt while running errands, going to the movies, or socializing with friends. I didn’t go anywhere special in the outfit, I just love fashion and looking great and am grateful for Ashro fashions that help me do just that!

Feeling good in Black & White

This outfit can be worn to a luncheon, like I wore it, or a church function of some kind. I love being able to put combinations together to tell a story for that moment. When you look good, you feel better!

Wonderful in White

I wore this to a meeting and a vocal coaching session. I like to look hip and stylish at all times, and this outfit accomplished that!

Beautiful in Yellow

I have several Ashro dresses and this one I bought a long time ago. The yellow dress could be worn to a luncheon, out to dinner, or to an event with a cultural theme. It also had a blue shoe in the color family of my headwrap. I dress up for any events where there will be a crowd or mass group. All celebrations, outings, etc. I love to look good whenever I go out anywhere.

Ashro customer wearing dressy top with jeans and boots

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