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Ashro Woman: Jacqueline F.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Jacqueline F. from Philadelphia, PA

“My greatest struggle was when the pandemic first hit.” As a certified nursing assistant working in a hospital, Jacqueline has cared for her patients physically, emotionally and even spiritually: COVID patients, elderly patients and suicide patients.

“I’m hands on…I minister to those who want to end their life. I give them hope, a chance to find their purpose.” Thankfully, Jacqueline has been able to stay healthy herself and stay in the fight to help save lives! For Jacqueline, it all comes down to faith.

“I always trust and depend on God. He is my anchor, my rock. I can’t live without Him.” Everything in Jacqueline’s life flows from that: the way she approaches her job, raises her children and lives her life.

She loves reading the Bible, listening to gospel music and spending time with family—which always requires her made-from-scratch cornbread. “My family loves it…It’s the first thing on the list.”

Taking care of family is important to Jacqueline, and a big part of that is passing faith traditions on to her children. How does she do it? By “living it in front of them, letting them see you pray—and teaching them.”

Jacqueline has been attending the same Bible-teaching church for over 35 years. She credits her pastor as her greatest influence. ”He always taught me to know who you are and walk in it…because God made you fearfully and wonderfully.”

This belief inspires Jacqueline’s life and her personal style: setting her own trends, adding her own unique twists and flair. “I walk in assurance, knowing who I am…a queen always carries herself as a queen.”


Jacqueline F.
Which city do you live?
Which state do you live?
How would you describe the Ashro woman? How do you embody her?
For me, I’m unique, with flair, and a style of my own. I add twist to my fashion. My colors must be on point. I walk on assurance, knowing who I am, and date not copy anyone else. A queen always carry herself as a queen.
What do you do for a living? What do you like most about it? What don’t you like?
I give care to the sick in a hospital. I’m a CNA/ PO, I’m hands on with my patients.I deal with suicide patients, covid-19 patients, the elderly. I minister to those who want to end their life. I give them hope, a chance to find their purpose in life..
How do you spend your free time?
I read the Bible, listen to gospel music, pray and spend time with my family.
What small thing makes you happy?
When someone compliment me on something I did. When it comes unexpectantly.
What is your best dish? Who do you make it for—and where do you typically serve it?
It’s my homemade cornbread I make from scratch. My family loves it. I must make it for every gathering. It’s the first thing on the list.
What has been your greatest struggle…and your greatest (or latest) triumph?
My greatest struggle was when the pandemic first hit. It was a challenge, but we made it through.I didn’t get sick, I thank God for that. Getting through this again s a challenge too, but this too shall pass. Helping a patient get the medical attention he needed that saved his life.
Who influenced you the most in your life. Why? And in what way?
My Pastor. He always taught not know who you are, and walk in it. Never walk around in low self esteem.God made you fearfully and wonderfully made. I’m the woman of God today because of him.
Do you volunteer or do charity work? Tell us about it!
I give charities. I would volunteer, but it’s limited because of the pandemic. I enjoy helping and serving others.
Are you in a sorority? Or is anyone in your family in a sorority? If so, which one and what does it mean to you?
What do you love about fashion and style?
I love a style of my own. I love standing out in the crowd. I want to do a fashion shoot like no other. That would be my hearts desire this year.
Has anyone in particular influenced your style?
No, I trend set for myself.
What occasions/events do you dress up for? (for example-do you often dress up for church, cultural events, charity events, going out, etc.) And how often do you typically get dressed up?
I always dress for church, if I go out to dinner. I dress for black history month. I love looking exquisite at all times.
How has your style evolved over time?
I add or take away. I tone up or tone down, it depends on how it looks to me. The
Do you wear hats? How often and what type of hat? Do you wear them to church? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a hat with us!
I’m not a hat wearer.
Do you wear headwraps? How often? Where did you learn how to tie it? Share a pic of you in a headwrap with us!
I wear headwraps and I self taught. I have my own style in how I wear them. I did send you photos of a previous headwraps.
Do you wear wigs? How often and what length or style? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a wig with us!
Are you a woman of faith? How does that faith affect your life? Please tell us more.
I’m a woman of faith. W/O faith it’s impossible to please God. I always trust and depend on God. He is my anchor, my rock. I can’t live w/o Him.
Do you attend church? What church do you go to and what do you love most about it?
I attend church. I love the WORD. We are in a Bible teaching church. You really grow and learn. I have been there over 35 years. I love it.
How are you passing along your faith traditions onto your children/grandchildren?
By living it in front of them. Letting them see you pray, and teaching them how to pray and read the Bible.
Are you a First Lady or a Pastor?
Your best advice?
Be yourself. An original, not a carbon copy.
What lessons has motherhood (or being a grandmother) taught you?
Patience, and love. Be stern and respectful. Always have an open mind and a loving heart.
Are you an Ashro Credit customer? If so, how has our credit helped you?
Yes. I don’t have problems with it. I stay within my limit. I’m glad that I can buy now and pay later.
Do you have a memory to share of when you first heard about Ashro or when you received your first catalog?
I was taken back. Wow. I said, I have to buy me something out of this book. I got so many compliments when I did. I became hooked.

Thanks for inspiring us, Jacqueline!

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