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Afrocentric Edge [Lookbook]

Designed for the Confident Ashro Woman

Are you in the mood to express yourself—without holding back? Get ready to reimagine your style and think BIG: bold colors, rich patterns, dramatic designs. Why not turn some heads and look like the A-MAZING YOU you were meant to be…

Black woman in multicolor headwrap-Afrocentric Edge-black woman in Afrocentric pantset and maxi dress
'Wrap Up, Head-Turning Style'-a black woman in three multi-color print styles with matching headwraps.
'Dress Your Inner Queen'-a black woman in a long, Afrocentric black and white dynamic-patterned dress.
'Stand Out Together, Power Couple'-a black man and woman in matching Afrocentric styles, in gold/white and black/white.
'Stand Out Together-His & Hers Style Statement'-a black man and woman in Afrocentric black and white matching styles.
'Fierce Pattern'-a black woman in three different Afrocentric print outfits: two pant sets and a skirt and top.
Two black women in Afrocentric shirts and headwrap-'Everyday Afrocentric from $29.99'.
A black woman in a black and orange 3-pc. wardrober, including a cape, pant and skirt-'Bold You!'
Three black women in different caftans-'Captivate the Crowd in a Beyond-Basic Caftan!'
A black woman in a yellow and orange Afrocentric cape dress-'Can You Say High Voltage?'
White and yellow bag; white, black, yellow heels; and a black woman in a long black and white geo-print jacket-'Jazz It Up'.
'Hat to Heel-Designed to Perfection'-pink pumps and an African-American woman in a grey, purple and pink floral dress.
Black women in a 3-pc. Wardrober: a yellow dress, a grey and yellow floral print jacket and pants-'Say Yes to Yellow'.

– Introduce Yourself! –
We’re calling on the sisterhood of Amazing Ashro Women to introduce yourselves and share your stories. Fill out our questionnaire and share a pic of your beautiful smile. 

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I love Ashro, and glad I subscribed to your magazine. I read through your digitize magazine for the first time, and I feel I can practice Kwanzaa, and the principles of Nguzo Saba purchasing from your magazine. I am a satisfied customer, and will show and tell my brothers and sisters to look deeper in to your publication.
Thank you,

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