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Afrocentric Edge [Lookbook]

Designed for the Confident Ashro Woman

Are you in the mood to express yourself—without holding back? Get ready to reimagine your style and think BIG: bold colors, rich patterns, dramatic designs. Why not turn some heads and look like the A-MAZING YOU you were meant to be…

Black woman in multicolor headwrap-Afrocentric Edge-black woman in Afrocentric pantset and maxi dress
'Wrap Up, Head-Turning Style'-a black woman in three multi-color print styles with matching headwraps.
'Dress Your Inner Queen'-a black woman in a long, Afrocentric black and white dynamic-patterned dress.
'Stand Out Together, Power Couple'-a black man and woman in matching Afrocentric styles, in gold/white and black/white.
'Stand Out Together-His & Hers Style Statement'-a black man and woman in Afrocentric black and white matching styles.
'Fierce Pattern'-a black woman in three different Afrocentric print outfits: two pant sets and a skirt and top.
Two black women in Afrocentric shirts and headwrap-'Everyday Afrocentric from $29.99'.
A black woman in a black and orange 3-pc. wardrober, including a cape, pant and skirt-'Bold You!'
Three black women in different caftans-'Captivate the Crowd in a Beyond-Basic Caftan!'
A black woman in a yellow and orange Afrocentric cape dress-'Can You Say High Voltage?'
White and yellow bag; white, black, yellow heels; and a black woman in a long black and white geo-print jacket-'Jazz It Up'.
'Hat to Heel-Designed to Perfection'-pink pumps and an African-American woman in a grey, purple and pink floral dress.
Black women in a 3-pc. Wardrober: a yellow dress, a grey and yellow floral print jacket and pants-'Say Yes to Yellow'.

– Introduce Yourself! –
We’re calling on the sisterhood of Amazing Ashro Women to introduce yourselves and share your stories. Fill out our questionnaire and share a pic of your beautiful smile. 

Comments (3)

I love all the fabulous clothing I have ordered. The comments from friends when I wear my outfits is amazing. I have ordered wig, pant suits, and skirt sets. The home decor is superb I ordered looks so great on my wall.
Ashro is my go to first when looking for an extra boost to my wardrobe.
I love the shoes, but if I could wear 👠 heels, I would be ordering the beautiful styles. I love the flats too, just love the heels more.
When the Ashro catalog shows up in my mailbox it is shopping time.
I wish there was an Ashro store in my city. ASHRO KEEP ON BRINGING THE FASHION.

Thank you Loretta! Could you fill out our Ashro Woman Questionnaire? We love hearing from our loyal customers and would love to hear more from you!

I love Ashro, and glad I subscribed to your magazine. I read through your digitize magazine for the first time, and I feel I can practice Kwanzaa, and the principles of Nguzo Saba purchasing from your magazine. I am a satisfied customer, and will show and tell my brothers and sisters to look deeper in to your publication.
Thank you,

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