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Ashro Customer Sandi [Lookbook]

Meet Sandi!

Sandi W. is a real estate agent, owner of a home renovation business, property investor, fashionista, and proud Ashro Woman! She is on the go ALOT! The best benefit of rocking Ashro caftans is that they can keep right in step with a busy lifestyle.

“If I’m working in my home office, I work comfortably. If I have to run out and place one of my signs on a property, it’s loose fitting enough that I can complete this task with no issues. Meeting with one of our clients, whether in person or virtual, I throw on one of my caftans and slay my way to attendance! The list can go on & on! I am a woman who just shared a snippet of her life. I am #she #iamAshro🤗”

Thank you, Sandi!

Zaria Short Caftan

Fiery colors and fabulous figures.

Versatility! Not only in the ability to dress these up or down but the fact that not only women & #Queens who look like me can rock these as well! Any skin tone can showcase a piece of art, and these caftans radiate the representation of a village of like-minded people of strong faith, strength & prosperity!

Nala Long-Sleeve Long Caftan

Finally: a long-sleeve caftan (in a fabulous print)!

This bold orange print makes me feel sexy! At 52 years young, to have the ability to still look in the mirror and see sexy at this stage of life is something to embrace and strive for more! This caftan connects with my feminists in a way that strengthens my confidence. These vibes are just as bold as the colors; love demand!

Naveah Short Caftan

Royal style.

The matching of this caftan with Ashro accessories releases pride in me! Pride released from heritage! A heritage of traditions, monumental moments in time, and culture. It makes “that” statement without uttering a single word!

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