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Tsitsi’s Top Picks for the Season

Introducing Tsitsi Hampton!

Did you know, you have a woman of impeccable taste and creativity picking out your seasonal looks? Tsitsi takes her role as merchandiser to heart with a laser-sharp focus on dressing you, the Ashro Woman, GLORIOUSLY. If you’re looking for something spectacular to wear this season, get inspired by Tsitsi’s Top Picks of the Season…and pick up some glittering nuggets of fashion wisdom too. Enjoy!

Spring 2024 Top Picks

Shary Fit-and-Flare Dress

Amahle Caftan Set

Omri Pant Set

Sabra Cape Dress

Zaid Women’s Active Set

Whittall & Shon Saria Hat

Porsha Appliqué Dress

Karasi Skirt Set & Headwrap

Men’s Omri Pant Set

Meeda Mirror Mesh Maxi Dress

Zaid Men’s Active Set

Ondrea 3-pc. Skirt Suit and Hat

Levina Feather-Trim Studded Sheath Dress

Saria Fit-and-Flare Dress

Jenneh Flowy Jacket Dress

Thank You Tsitsi!

We just love the curated collection!

Some Thoughts from Tsitsi

We asked Tsitsi a few questions to get her thoughts on her work with our Ashro Women!

What do you love most about dressing the Ashro Woman?

“I LOVE the fact that this woman IS EVERYWOMAN! She is authentic, big-hearted, astute, strong, loving and most importantly, confident in who she is. That makes it fun and easy to dress her because she wants and expects a lot of different looks that keep her current, regardless of age, and looks that express her personality.”

Do you have any tips for standing out this holiday?

“Color is always an important element in “Standing out”, and this holiday is no different. Colors ranging from the obvious red, to emerald green to classic black. Styles with in novelty fabrics and original trims also allow our customer to stand out – Bold, colorful jacquards, exaggerated ruffles, etc.”

Any words of advice for personal style in general?

“Personal style is exactly that….UNIQUELY personal. How we select what styles, colors we wear and accessorize come from how we see ourselves, aspire to be seen and ultimately how we project ourselves. These are all things that make our style our own and personal.”

Tsitsi’s Holiday 2023 Top Picks

Nikema Tiered-Sleeve Sweater Dress

Ashanda Beaded Gown

Mareena Fringe Sheath Dress

Yasia 3-Piece Pant Set

Nika Sweater Dress

Teyonah Rose-Sleeve Sheath Dress


Bree Belted Cape Coat

Gisele Caftan

Yamata Sequin Sash Dress

Dearra Ball Gown

Jada Faux-Leather Maxi Dress

Latrina Jacket Dress and Hat

Jasmia Sequin Dress

Shawl-Collar Sheath Dress

Kassina Embellished Pant Set

Nichelle Cape

Chioma Elegant Skirt Set

Thank You Tsitsi!

We just love the curated collection!

See Tsitsi featured in our 20th Anniversary Video!

Ashro is celebrating 20 years in 2023 in a BIG, BEAUTIFUL WAY

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