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Meet Sarah: New Partnership with Ashro Model

Ashro catalog featuring Sarah Paul on the cover

Sarah Paul started her journey as a freelance model in 2017 before quickly signing with an agency in early 2018. Through her agency, Sarah was able to find Ashro and started modeling for our catalogs and website. As a result, she was featured in our Summer 2023 catalog cover.

One thing we quickly learned about Sarah is that she has many interests! She works to balance: modeling, photography, content creation, home organization, business, fitness, and more! (is there anything she can’t do?). Ultimately, she aspires to inspire others; and as an entrepreneur, Sarah hopes to encourage others to explore their interests all while living their best lives!

More About Sarah and Her Early Modeling Career

Sarah is a small town girl originally from Naples, FL; born to immigrant Haitian parents. Being raised with traditional values, her life has always revolved around her faith and family. Before Sarah started modeling she shared, “I always wanted to model but never pursued it. I took a chance and haven’t looked back since.” She even got the opportunity to live in Cape Town for 3 months to model.

Life: Challenges and Reflections

When we asked what has been her greatest challenge in life, she said, “my greatest struggle has been trying to balance it all with having so many interests.” Being an entrepreneur at heart, Sarah decided to build a career exploring many of her interests.

Sarah recently shared a reflection which is featured blog on her website.

She shared a few key takeaways on life the we thought were worth sharing: 
  • Life is beautiful, even with its ups and downs. 
  • The best relationships are the ones where people push each other outside of their comfort zone.  
  • It takes more than a good idea to be successful. It takes hard work and dedication.  
  • There are no shortcuts in life. You get out of it what you put into it.  
  • Life is short, so enjoy every moment!
  • Having a supportive network of family and friends is important.
  • Traveling the world is an opportunity to gain perspective.
  • Making a living doing something you love is a blessing. 

Volunteer & Mentorship Work

Giving back to the community is definitely a priority for Sarah. Even after balancing all her interest, Sarah finds time to volunteer in the media department at her church. How amazing is that!?

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Keep an eye out for Sarah in our ASHRO catalogs!

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Thank you Sarah for sharing your inspiring journey. You are truly beautiful on the inside and out.

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