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Your Sunday Best Dressing Guide

This Easter, celebrate your faith with a gorgeous new church suit or dress, fabulous church hat and high-fashion accessories you’ll wear again and again. In this Sunday Best Dressing Guide, we’ll help you put together a truly beautiful Easter outfit that’s affordable, too.

The Easter Outfit: Your Sunday Best Just Got Better

Remember those Easter outfits your mother lovingly put together for you, complete with white gloves and trimmed straw hats? Those days may be gone, but the tradition lives on. In many Black congregations, it’s still important to look your Sunday best for church, especially on Easter!

Black woman wearing a purple ruffle suit

When it comes to today’s church attire, African American women have more Easter dressing options than ever. Perhaps you’re drawn to a classic white dress suit and church hat. Perhaps brightly colored Afrocentric clothing is more your style. Or maybe something in-between. Whether you’re a traditionalist or trendsetter, misses or plus size, we’ll help you find your best head-to-toe Easter outfit in this Sunday Best Dressing Guide—from that glorious dress or suit to the perfect hat and heels!

The Best “Sunday Best” Silhouette for Your Sense of Style

The definition of “formal” church attire has evolved into an eclectic mix of upscale styles. Choices, choices…what kind of ensemble is calling to you?

  • Traditional Women’s Church Suit – For many of us, nothing tops a formal dress suit in timeless white or a pretty color. Tip: misses and plus size church suits with peplum-style jackets will make the most of your curves—and they’re quite on-trend right now.
  • Jacket Dresses – Drawn to a fashionably chic but still formal look? Consider our contemporary jacket dresses for church. Some stylish options: a slim sheath topped with a striking bolero or a regal, head-turning cape jacket dress.
  • Skirt Suits – From formal and fitted to flowing and fabulous, misses and plus sizes can’t go wrong in a versatile skirt suit. Bonus: beyond church attire, they’re perfect for work and date nights.
  • Dresses – Whether it’s a shift, A-line, blouson style or wrap dress, for some of us, a feminine, flattering misses or plus size church dress is always the most fun to wear. Tip: lace dresses, bell sleeves, and fit-and-flare styles are all in fashion now.
  • Pant Suits – If you’re a pant suit maven, to thine own self be true. A formal misses or plus size pant suit with an elegant cut is a wonderful, perfectly acceptable choice. Bold idea: why not choose a beautifully tailored pant suit with Afrocentric flavor?
  • Afrocentric Dress – Speaking of which, in many modern Black churches, more parishioners are proudly wearing heritage-inspired Afrocentric clothing like beautiful caftans, headwraps and African prints.
Black woman wearing an afrocentric jacket dress

How to Spot Quality Easter Outfits: It’s in the Details

Chances are, as an Ashro customer, you already have a fine eye for detail and know a thing or two about Sunday best dressing. You insist on quality workmanship. In that case, you’ll like knowing what our fashion buyers look for when working with designers and choosing clothing for our collections.

  • Quality Materials and Workmanship
    • Every article of clothing must meet our exacting standards. We ask: what does the fabric look and feel like? Does the garment have a good texture/feel—and is it lined, if it should be? What about the craftsmanship? (Are the seams matched, etc.?)
  • Fine Tailoring
    • We look closely at how each piece of women’s clothing fits. Did the designer build in princess seams, darts and hidden zippers to create flattering contours? Does the skirt need a vent for ease of movement? Is it comfortable as well as beautiful?
  • Fabulous Frills
    • We believe every detail should add to a garment’s appeal, from the cut of the neckline to the placement of each pleat or ruffle. Every accent is meticulously examined: lace, sequins, beading, cowry shells, embroidery…everything matters.
  • Fashion Made for the African American Woman
    • You know Ashro specializes in Black women’s fashion. But did you know that Ashro apparel is tailored very specifically to the African American woman’s shape and sense of style? Her dignity, confidence, love of life—our goal is to mirror and magnify her inner beauty and power.
Black woman wearing a cape dress with hat

Sunday Best Dressing: Finding Your Favorite Spring Colors

One of our favorite things about this season’s fresh looks is the glorious palette of colors and patterns that’s burst on the scene like April flowers. As we researched this Sunday Best Dressing Guide, we found a few of our own new favorites!

From the boldest brights to the prettiest pastels—not to mention always-just-right shades of white—a stunning spectrum of color awaits your command. From striking solids to perky prints, explore what’s hot, what’s new in spring color trends – and what will look great on you.

Black woman wearing a shirt-jacket dress

Honoring the African American Faith Tradition

When we don our Sunday best dressing attire for church, we’re following in the footsteps of our African American ancestors. Historically, Sunday was the one day of the week that Black Americans could shed their work clothes and express their true colors, while presenting their best selves before God.

For generations, Black women have adorned themselves in carefully chosen church attire, treasured church hats and their finest dress shoes and accessories on Sundays, especially on Easter and other holidays. It’s a beautiful tradition passed down from mothers to daughters…and it’s never too late to pick up wherever you left off.

Black woman wearing a sheath dress and hat

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Love Love love it! Family Faith and Heritage …You describe the Afro American Christian Household to a tee ! Your articles were well written with passion and soul! It would be interested if small photos were inserted to give visual pertaining to some of the experts description of things such as peplum-style jackets, blouson style, cape jackets, bell sleeves, sheath, A-line, princess seams, cowry shells. Perhaps a definition /photo chart inserted or a table of contents…Something to help from some baby boomers to millennial to understand fashion terminology better. I had to explain when its girl time and after church dinner and us beautiful women of five generations are looking at fashion magazines and reading your excellence well articulated articles. Please continue to Bless and remind us women of beautiful color just how beautiful we really are!

Interesting article. Thank you!

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