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A-List: Top 10 Glitzy Glam

Holiday A-List Looks-Celebrate the Season-Top 10-Glitzy Glam-A black woman in a red pant set with silver criss-cross detail.

Our Top 10 “Glitzy Glam” Styles add instant drama and sparkle. Enjoy our Top 10 “Glitzy Glam” styles lookbook.


Ladies, here at Ashro, we think your clothes should be like you…dazzling and BOLD. And with Holiday 2018 fast approaching, we’ve asked Leslie E. Royal, freelance writer (and Ashro customer) to help us GET READY and GET INSPIRED. Doesn’t this joy-filled, event-filled season call for our glorious, glittering BEST? Take it away, Leslie…

black woman with short wavy reddish hair smiling in pink shirt

By Leslie E. Royal  

Who’s that Lady? That’s the question they’ll be asking as you sashay on by in magnificent, multi-colored sequins and sparkling jewelry. Whether you’re preparing for October masquerade balls, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties, church Watch Night services or New Year’s Eve explosions, you will be stunningly glamorous as you boldly STEP OUT.

Go Glitzy: Day or Night 

In contemporary society, you can do what you feel with sequins and bling. Why not try “daring daywear”? You can opt for just a glimmer with a simple top or go all out with a dazzling dress, shoes and clutch. From minimalism to “maximalism,” sequins certainly carry the day. So ladies, go on! Be sensational and stand out. Wear glittering embellished jewelry YOUR WAY—to instantly dress up casual pieces or further enhance elegant attire. Why not try studded or bejeweled heels? They can also beautify or “amp up” an outfit. From jeans to church suits to evening gowns, heels are a perfect pairing.

The point is, Ladies, when it comes to your glitzy style, you be the judge. You can wear GLITZ on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and for that matter, any other day ending in “y”. Life is meant to be celebrated…so slip on some A-style sequins, beads or jewelry, and know that when you stroll into holiday events, all eyes will be on you!

black woman with short wavy reddish hair smiling in pink shirt

Leslie E. Royal is a Travel & Fashion Contributor for Ashro. An international freelance writer, her articles have appeared in Upscale, ESSENCE, Black Enterprise,, and The Wall Street Journal. She is the author of How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book for FREE with Amazon’s CreateSpace (Amazon $9.95) and Leslie’s Lane The Book! (Amazon $14.95). Follow her on Instagram here.

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