The Ashro Woman Questionnaire

Thank you for introducing yourself to us…and maybe even inspiring, entertaining and encouraging other ASHRO customers!

If you’d like to share your story/passion/humor, PLEASE ANSWER ANY OF THE QUESTIONS BELOW THAT WILL HELP US GET TO KNOW YOU. You could answer just one question—or all of them. That’s up to you. We’re looking for women who are living their lives with zeal and heart—and being true to themselves in their very own way.

HINT: Choose questions that you really have something to say about (and don’t worry about making it perfect). We are so excited to read what you share with us and see your A-Mazing pics!

Your Ashro Family

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P.S.S. Remember, you can answer all of them or just a few. Up to you!


We’d love to see a pic of you wearing Ashro!
Use the hashtag #iamashro on Facebook or Instagram.
We will be showing off your pics and how you do Ashro! 
  • Tell Us About Yourself!

  • Tell Us About Your Style!

  • Tell Us About Your Faith

  • Inspiration for Other Ashro Women

  • Can we contact you?

  • Please Share some Photos!

  • Below we're asking for up to 5 photos. We love to see you dressed up for all your wonderful events! Please tell us about each photo like what event it was for and about all the compliments you received!
  • Please Share some Photos!

  • The first photo should be ONLY you in the photo-no one else.