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Ashro Partners with Author: Angela Medearis

Ashro proudly offers a cookbook written by Angela Medearis.

The Kitchen Diva, Angela Shelf-Medearis is all about “Diva-licious” cooking: in other words, healthy cooking that preserves and celebrates ethnic and cultural flavors. When her husband and several other family members were diagnosed with Type II diabetes, she taught herself how to create culturally-based vegetarian dishes with small portions of meat. Her delicious secret is using flavorful (medicinal) herbs and spices, alternative forms of proteins, and unique sweeteners. This healthy cooking mission has kept her very busy. Not only has she authored 7 cookbooks (and over 100 children’s books), but she writes a weekly food and lifestyle column called The Kitchen Diva. She is a Certified Health Outreach Worker with a specialty in diabetes and diet-related illnesses. She has even been featured as a guest chef on numerous national television shows including The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show and Food Network where she slayed the famed Bobby Flay with her jerk chicken recipe. Don’t miss your chance to learn how to cook the “Diva-licious” way!

The Kitchen Diva’s New African-American Kitchen Cookbook at

The Kitchen Diva New African-American Kitchen Cookbook
The Kitchen Diva New African-American Kitchen Cookbook

If you love cultural cuisine and are open to trying healthy, always delicious recipes, look no further. The Kitchen Diva’s New African-American Kitchen has it all: African, Caribbean, Southern—even healthy and diabetic cooking. Hardcover. 272 pages. 7 1/2″ w x 9 1/2″ h.

S2.E12: Exploring Culinary History with the Kitchen Diva

One Such Marvelous Woman is Angela Shelf-Medearis, President of Diva Productions, Inc.. See S2:E12: Exploring Culinary History with The Kitchen Diva.  

Angela on Ashro’s Facebook Live!

Watch Angela’s Facebook Live chats where she covers all facets of health from her abundant experiences as a well-known speaker, recipe creator, culinary historian, and author.

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