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Leslie’s Dazzling Dozen Ashro Ensembles Worn During Season 2 Interviews [Lookbook]

Written by Leslie E. Royal

Ashro styles me for each interview. I carefully select each outfit based on the topic and style of the guests. I had lots of fun with it this season. Please check out the head-to-toe pics as I was out and about at home in Atlanta or on vacation in various cities.

S2:E1: Lisa Peyton-Caire

Prioritizing Your Health and Well-being

I wore this chic white high-low Ashro top because, to me, it represents Lisa, who is illuminating, understanding, and explores all possibilities as she cares for Black women.

S2.E2: Silvette Bullard

The Sweet Julobell Bakery Recipe of Love

I donned this Ashro white hi-low top with pleated cuffs, pleated bodice, and mock collar because it represents a sister really doing her thing multi-dimensionally and exceptionally well as does Silvette.

S2.E3: LaNesha DeBardelaben

Discovering the Essence of African American History

I dressed in Ashro’s Senorita blouse because the design the evokes rich, cultural history that LaNesha teaches at her museum and is an expression of the beauty of women of color.

S2.E4: Tonya Rapley

Basking in the Joy of Financial Freedom

I reclined in this flowy tie-dye Faye Top because I think it represents blue skies over the horizon to financial freedom as expressed by Tonya.

S2.E5: Leona Dotson

Navigating the Corporate World

I dressed up in this green cutout Ashro dress because I knew I would be interviewing my AKA Sorority Sister Leona and in the corporate world, I think it would be the perfect look.

S2.E6: Chef Ta-Ta

The Life-Giving Elements of Healthy Cuisine

I wore this uniquely designed high-low top from Ashro because it represents brilliance and innovation that Chef Ta-Ta exudes and displays in all that she does.

S2.E7: Dr. Johnecia L. Mason

Realizing the Gift of Education

I selected this Abiola High-Low Top because its lovely floral print represents sowing seeds of knowledge and hope into others and getting tangible results, as does Dr. Johnecia.

S2.E8: Sharaun

Having an Extraordinary Spirit of Giving and Being

I wore this Ashro top because it represents the stylish, unique, free spirit we call Sharaun. She, as are countless Black women, is a person of regal bearing and stature.

S2.E9: Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

Living Richer and Building Legacies with The Budgetnista

It’s simple! I wore it because it’s MONEY GREEN! Also, I chose this Ashro dress because it is elegant and fits my style well. I thought it would be perfect for my interview with The Budgetnista as she seeks to make us financially whole while doing so with grace.

S2.E10: Sharon Grant

Managing the Stressors in Life

The colors and designs of Ashro’s Emelie Dress go into so many different directions, but they come together as a beautiful mosaic. As a therapist, Sharon helps us to bring everything together as we seek harmony and balance in our lives.

S2.E11: Arlene Brooks

Presenting Coffee Speaks N Tea Talks

This beautiful Jeniece dress has lovely layers, is asymmetric, and has stunning black and gold hues. That’s Arlene. She has so many amazing layers to her personality and business acumen. She reveals more genius and strength-forte in every season of her blessed life.

S2.E12: Angela Shelf Medearis

Exploring Culinary History with The Kitchen Diva

The elegant Sybil Print Jacket Dress has large, gorgeous blooming flowers that seem to go on and on. That’s The Kitchen Diva. Angela wows us with her great ideas that she works diligently to grow, cultivate, and bring to fruition.

Keeping Up with Leslie

Leslie E. Royal is an Ashro Brand Ambassador and the host of their popular video series called Onward and Upward with Leslie E. Royal. She is also a global travel writer, author, product profile expert, micro-influencer, and multi-media journalist. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including: ESSENCE, Black Enterprise, The Ashro Blog,, Medium, and AAA Southern Traveler. The creator of the Leslie’s Lane consumer information blog, she is the author of two books: Leslie’s Lane The Book!: Your One Stop Internet Resource Guide to Links for Jobs, Inspiration, Discounts, FREE Stuff, Scholarships, Travel & More ( $14.95) and How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book for FREE with Amazon’s KDP: An Easy Way to Complete Your Manuscript in Seven Stress-Free Steps ($9.95). Follow Leslie on Instagram @LesliesLane and see her Amazon Author Page.

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I loved all the information concerning all the topics about healthy ways of supporting good health

How can I become a part of the Ashro Family? I am a Gifted Writer; and have been told I am blessed to have the ability to relate to all people! Your company has made an exceptional impact on fashion for all people!
Thanks so much and Best Wishes for Many Blessings in the New Year. Eyvonne M. Green

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