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Yes, Ashro Woman – You CAN Wear That Headwrap

Head out on any given day in cities all over the country, and you’re bound to see her.

You know the one – the woman in the gorgeous, perfectly-styled headwrap. She makes it look so easy. And everyone wants to know her secrets. We talked to a range of women and when it comes to that woman, everyone asked the same three things:

How did she wrap that so nicely?

Where is she going?

Could…I…do that?

So – we asked Black women wearing amazing headwraps (or sometimes referred to as a head scarf) to share advice for Ashro women wanting to wrap with confidence.

African American woman with red, blue, yellow, black and white print headwrap and circular gold earrings with black top.

Here’s their Top 4 must do’s for success with headwraps.

4. Fight headwrap slippage with a good base.

Nothing is worse than a slipping headwrap. Depending on the hair style you’re wearing, trying to tie a wrap on your head can feel like an impossible task. A trusty wig cap is a fantastic companion that serves two purposes: it’s a protective barrier for your hair and it’s the key to keeping that headwrap in place. Just make sure it’s not too tight or you’ll be pulling and tugging, and defeating the purpose of a wearing a gorgeous and regal headwrap.

Just like with wigs, a wig cap helps minimize the sliding around of that colorful fabric it took you twenty minutes to secure. This makes a wig cap a highly recommended accessory for anyone seeking success with wraps. Some savvy women use alternatives like a satin bonnet as a base for their beautiful headwraps.

African American woman wearing solid red headwrap and triple hoop earrings with black top.

3. Mix & match those colors!

We’ve all seen bold African prints in traditional headwraps. The history of the Black women and the headwrap is filled with regal and royal-looking women from all walks of life, wearing beautiful and colorful fabrics.  But can you still wear a cute wrap on a Saturday while running errands and not feel overdressed? And can you play with color to dress up a drab look? We say YES!

One of the best things about headwrap style is that the possibilities are endless. There are so many ways to mix what you already have in your closet with great fabrics; you’ll never run out of options. The #1 rule – wear what you feel confident and comfortable in, and step all the way out of your comfort zone!

African American woman wearing a gold and orange headwrap, matching top, and crown queen earrings


~ Mix patterns, colors and prints to fit your style, whether subtle or bold.

~ Striped headwrap fabrics are your friend and can work with any color in your outfit, (i.e. a black and white headwrap with a hot pink blouse and jeans.)

~ Animal prints are NEUTRAL and can be mixed with anything. Do not shy away…grab that leopard print headwrap and go!

2. Yes, you CAN wear it there!

The headwrap in all its forms is the highlight of your personal style and creativity. With more than 100 ways of tying a headwrap, the concept of decoratively wrapping fabric around your head is truly a work of art.

Across the continent of Africa, the headwrap can signal whether a woman is married or single, and dictate their status in the community. Here in the U.S., women frequently wear their wraps to go shopping, to church or a business lunch.

Some of our favorite women from Black history inspired others in the way they wore their wraps, like Nina Simone and Cicely Tyson; even some of our faves wear them today, like Jenifer Lewis from ABC’s Blackish.  Now more than ever, headwraps are becoming a stigma-free part of every day life, and is the crowning glory of our beauty.  So do it!  Wear your beautiful wraps for church and work, and don’t forget date night, and that fancy family affair you have each year. Be bold and watch those heads turn!

African American woman wearing blue and white headwrap with hoop earrings, necklace and matching outfit.

1. You can never have too many wraps! 

Repeat after me, there is never too much!  You can never have too many headwraps!

Fun fact: The average woman has 20 colorful headwraps.  How many do you have?

In addition to using wraps for covering your beautiful head, they can also be styled as a neck wrap (remember scarves?). Smaller wraps can be also be transformed into beautiful wrist candy too.  A wrist scarf is perfect for adding to a blazer and jeans combo. Just use your imagination and don’t forget to bring your A-Style.

African American woman with blue headwrap and multi-tone triple hoop earrings.
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Everything and every body were fabulous I loved the ideas for wearing the head wraps

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