How To Apply a Wig [VIDEOS]

We partnered once again with Xayli Barclay to share new wig tutorial videos.


Diva Wig


Jupiter Wig

black woman wearing short brown honey blond wig with side part

Celebrate YOU...with a Wig!

Become. Evolve. Transform. (We Dare You)

Learn how to wear a wig—and why! Whether you want to switch up your look, turn around a bad hair day or give your styling tools a rest, wigs come in so many gorgeous, ready-to-wear black hair styles: short, curly, long, short. All it takes is a little know-how. Get ready to look amazing!

Kerre Berry, an African-American woman with black Afro curly hair, wearing a black long-sleeve shirt.
Tips from Kerre Berry
Ashro Woman of the Week MICHELLE B., wearing a black jacket dress with white trim and a summery hat.
An African-American woman in a silky, pale yellow wrap blouse and bib necklace, in front of a gold wall.
A smiling African-American woman wearing a leopard print top, red necklace and a black hat.

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A smiling African-American woman with curly, light brown hair, wearing a blue top and silver necklace.
A black woman with shoulder-length hair, in a black and white circle print dress with blue and red stripes.
A smiling African-American woman with bangs, wearing a red and black striped top.

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