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Your Story, Your Style

So, here’s to you, the amazing, accomplished African American woman! Here’s to your confidence, creativity, zest for life and unique sense of style.

You love many things, and one of them is fashion. In fact, you’ve raised it to an art form. You know that one of the great joys of being a woman is expressing yourself through the outfits you put together, the way you style your hair, your accessory choices…in short, your own inimitable look.

And you’re not afraid to change up that look—in fact, you revel in it. You have as many facets as a perfectly cut diamond. From professional to sensual, playful to devout, you love reinventing and redefining your image. Yes, you embrace black fashion trends, but only when it suits you.

So here’s to you, and to the infinitely glorious ways African American women like you express their inner essence through fashion. Today, we celebrate the Ashro woman’s most radiant signature looks. And if you haven’t already, we invite you to make them your own.

A black woman in a multi-print orange wardrober including the hi-low jacket, skirt, orange tank and orange pant.
Amalee Wardrober

Hail, the African Queen

With today’s Afrocentric fashion, the sky’s the limit, so you can celebrate your heritage on your own terms. You flaunt your pride in an elegant, free-flowing caftan or go casually hip in an empowering graphic T-shirt. If you’re inspired by Afrocentric designers, you love Reuben Reuel’s exciting vintage-modern vibe.

Haven’t tried wearing a headwrap yet? Our step-by-step videos make it easy and fun.

Fashion tip for black women: take the time to learn your African prints. Timeless fabrics such as Kente cloth and mudcloth are more than a stylish black fashion trend—they’re part of our cultural tapestry. The more you know about them, the more you’ll relish wearing them.

black woman wearing pink multi-print dress with flounce sleeves leaning against building
Nefertari Dress

Dare to Flair

You’re a firecracker, never a wallflower. When it comes to fashion, you’re not afraid to bend the rules to your will. You know life’s too short to choose drab and dowdy, so you make it your mission to go bright and bold. From bodycon dresses that hug your curves to colorful outfits that sing summer fun, now’s the time to spread your wings and fly high.

Fashion tip for black women: experiment with some bold new looks: an extreme cold-shoulder top, a dramatic high-low hemline or stunning pair of tall gladiator sandals.

A tall gold, gladiator style heeled sandal.
Amari Gladiator Sandal

Love the Shape of You

A truly confident woman doesn’t let her dress size limit her fashion choices. Whether you’re small, tall, thin or plus size, you know what looks good on you. Considering that the average African American woman now wears size 18-20, it’s key to love the skin you’re in.

Luckily, it’s never been easier to find trendy plus-size clothing for black women. At Ashro, we believe fashion should be size-inclusive—so all of our styles come in misses and plus sizes!

Fashion tip for black women: if you want to look slimmer (or curvier), consider a clever colorblock dress. Colorblocking uses strategically placed contrasting panels to trick the eye, so silhouettes look longer, leaner and curvier. Genius!

A black woman wearing a blue, white, and turquoise maxi dress.
Tai Maxi Dress

Honor Your Spiritual Side

“Sunday Best” isn’t just an expression to you, it’s an important part of your life. You believe in presenting only your best, most beautiful self before God. One Sunday, you may wear an impeccable church suit, the next a stunning jacket dress. At heritage-themed services, you may choose an elegant Afrocentric pantsuit. In short, you put thought and care into your church outfits, a practice you’ve strived to pass down to your children.

Fashion tip for black women: church hats hold a place of honor in African American church tradition—and it’s never too late to get on board. Once you know the glorious story of church hats, you may want to make it part of your style story, too.

An African-American woman in a white and lavender crochet jacket dress.
Celeste Jacket Dress

Dazzle in All-White Party Outfits

You know how to stand out from the crowd, even at all-white social events. There you are at a birthday celebration or family reunion, holding court in a snow white, flowing pantsuit. At the all-white church gala, you shine in an alabaster skirt suit trimmed with white-on-white lace.

And at the annual summer party, you turn heads in an ivory halter-top gown. All-white party outfits are a black fashion trend that will never fade, and you’ve mastered the art of white-hot style.

Fashion tip for black women: one challenge of the all-white party outfit is choosing what lies beneath. Instead of white undergarments, choose lingerie and shapewear that matches your skin tone—it will give you a more seamless look.

A black woman wearing a white mesh jacket dress embellished with fabric leaves.
Ezora Jacket Dress

Now It’s Your Turn

How do you “celebrate you” through fashion? Tell us about one of your signature looks—one that makes family and friends say, “oh, that’s so you!” Please share your style story on Facebook—and if you have a photo you love, please post that, too.

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The Gladiator Boot, size7M, I want, 725.666.9191

I’m not a black woman, but I love your clothes.

Thanks for the lovely styles.

Why aren’t styles/ clothing available for “petite” women? Love the clothing but are always too long. Chose not to purchase, then pay again for alterations!

Thanks for this feedback Linda!

Send me a book

Hi Louise, email us your address to and request your Ashro catalog or sign up on our website: Thanks!

I like those wigs especially the African American

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