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Ashro’s Onward & Upward Artist Showcase

Artist Showcase COntest Flyer

The 2nd Annual Onward & Upward Artist Showcase is sponsored by Ashro, in partnership with the Ashro Community Council and UMOJA magazine.  Art has always been a key piece in the rich storytelling of the Black experience. 

See the 2021 Winners

Until Sept. 15th, we are seeking submissions that speak to the 2022 theme:
Imagine The Future: Black Is Beautiful. 

Show us your best work!

NOTE: If you have any issues with our order form, please email:

The 2022 Contest has ended.

Stay tuned for the Winner Announcement in October!

Comments (2)

Suzette Glover

I am sooooo saddened and disappointed that THE ARTIST SHOWCASE CONTEST IS ONLY OPEN TO THOSE 4 PARTICULAR STATES ! I was filled with so much hope as I filled out the application only to realize that…I am here in NEW JERSEY… And I’m trying to delete my application AND MY PHOTO OF MY WORK ! I AM VERY PROTECTIVE OF MY WORK AND I DON’T APPRECIATE PUTTING MY PICTURES OUT THERE IN A CONTEST I DON’T QUALIFY FOR !!


Hi Suzette, because we are partnering with UMOJA magazine to sponsor this event and they are headquartered in Madison, WI, we had to keep it a more regional based contest. We did not receive your entry so please don’t worry about us receiving a picture. Thank you.

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Published on May 16 2022

Last Updated on Sep 16 2022

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