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Ashro Home Look Book

Introducing Ashro Home!

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Ready to make your home a beautiful reflection of your heritage, heart & soul?

Come dream with us— room by room. Discover pieces that NURTURE the spirit, COMFORT the body and WELCOME the ones you love. Here’s to new possibilities!

Suzanne, Ashro Merchandise Director at desk with laptop and coffee

“I hope you enjoy our new home collection.”

-Suzanne, Ashro Merchandise Director

Is your bedroom your sanctuary?

If not, make it so! Declutter, put essentials within reach and find that just-right treasure. Peace and rejuvenation will FLOW.

Your Beautiful (Functional) Bathroom

Is your bathroom well appointed? Whether you’re starting a busy day…or winding down to a good night’s sleep, your bathroom should help you get (and feel) ready.

Family Room (the hang-out room)

It’s the place to watch TV, play games, nap, chat, have it out…BE A FAMILY.

Study: a room of one’s own

A place to think, to pray, to read…to just be, your study might be a room, a desk, a favorite chair. Whatever it is, carve it out and claim your quiet space.

Your dining room vibe is all about the people who gather there

The ones you love always have a place in your heart…and at your dining table. The right touches make them feel extra welcome.

5 thoughts on “Ashro Home Look Book

  1. Beautiful stunning designs where are they made?

  2. Love the chair cover and art color coordination.

  3. I love your Ashton home collection, so beautiful just what I was looking for lately. Keep it going strong 🙂

    1. Audrey, I love the home collection there are so many beautiful things.

  4. Stunningly beautiful and fits my style I will definitely be taking a page out of the look book when I move.

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