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How do YOU wear white? [Lookbook]

How Do You Wear White? Three smiling black women wearing either a jacket dress, a dressy sleeveless dress, or a pantsuit.

Who knew one color could look SO DIFFERENT! Take a peek and pick your style.

Cover Image How Do You Wear White? Three smiling black women wearing either a jacket dress, a dressy sleeveless dress, or a pant set. How Do You Wear White? Three smiling black women wearing either a jacket dress, a dressy sleeveless dress, or a pantsuit. Bianca Pant Set A black woman with shoulder-length hair, wearing a white pant set with a flowing, sleeveless high-low white top.


Float into your white event. Opt for flowing, light-as-air fabrics that drape and flutter with your every confident, graceful move. BEAUTIFUL! Bianca Pant Set
Elle Pant Set A black woman with shoulder-length hair, wearing a white pant set with a flowing a-symmetrical white top.


Turn EVERY head in the vicinity. How do you do that? Your choice: expose a shoulder, add sparkle with rhinestone accents or just go exquisitely unique. You’ve got this. Elle Pant Set
Alecia Tiered Dress A black woman with short hair, wearing a full-length, white sleeveless dress with a tiered skirt.


Make an unforgettable entrance. A little shimmer, cascading ruffles and delicate details call out the beautiful strength you bring to this world. Alecia Tiered Dress
Carmela Jacket Dress A black woman wearing a hat and a white jacket dress, which is a semi-fitted dress under a long cape-style jacket.


Everyone will mind their Ps and Qs when you enter the room. Elegant style and impeccable polish speak of the respect you have earned. Carmela Jacket Dress
Victoria Dress A black woman with shoulder-length hair, wearing a white semi-fitted sheath dress with an attached cape.


Arrive in simple but unique style. Look for classic silhouettes—like a sheath dress—that have one dramatic twist. You’ll make a beautiful, absolutely unforgettable impression. Victoria Dress
Paulina Crochet Top A smiling black woman in an Afro, wearing white culottes, tank, and a white crochet top, standing on a ship's deck.


You bring the party along—wherever you go. Laid back but definitely different, your confident style puts people at ease (and keeps the invites coming). Paulina Crochet Top
Ladara 3-Piece Wardrober Two black women modeling a 3-Piece Wardrober, one in the white pantsuit, one in the short-sleeve dress and a white hat.


So elegant, self-assured and put together, this kind of look commands attention...and respect. No apologies. No holding back. Onward and UPWARD! Ladara 3-Piece Wardrober
Stripe Burnout Peplum Dress An African-American woman wearing a white, fitted peplum dress with sheer 3/4 sleeves.


You’ve got it all...the lipstick, the outfit, the ATTITUDE. Every once in a while, it’s time to step into the starring role of this thing we call life. So go big or go home, Gorgeous! Stripe Burnout Peplum Dress
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Which look is your favorite? Comment below.

58 thoughts on “How do YOU wear white? [Lookbook]

  1. I wanted to get some information how to sale under you..thanks

    1. The Boss is my choice.
      I like the sophisticated look.

    2. I love the “Like a Boss” ensemble! It is so sophisticated as I love wearing all white. I’d wear “Like A Boss” and contrast it with a different color bag and matching shoes.

    3. I love the Victoria Dress

    4. Like a Diva

    5. Like a starlet is a beautiful dress

      1. I love the versatility shown in the various white styles.

    6. The Carmela Jacket Dress

    7. Hello Yuencheng, can you please email with some more details of what you are looking for? Thanks for the comment!

    8. 👍

  2. Love it.

    1. I love wearing white on white the most. But then I like wearing iwhite with any color pink but mostly fushisa or light pink. . I must say I also like wearing it with purple or lavendar. On occasion I’ll wear it with other colors but I mostly i stick with my favorite’s mentioned above! I love the 3 piece wardrobe!

    2. I would love if you all exspand to size 4x.
      That wpuld be great!

  3. Love this look

    1. I liked the Carmela Jacket Dress & the Lardara 3 piece wardrober, minus the pants.

  4. As deconess at my church

  5. Like tne queen

    1. Shoes

  6. My favorite look is the white dress in the middle, which I am unable to purchase because it is no longer available.

  7. Victoria’s

  8. Like a feminine force

    Queen of casual

    Like a Diva

    Like a Lady

    I noticed some of the whites shown was not labeled with a name.
    But, I liked them ALL! Beautiful clothes. Please send me the Book

  9. Feminine Force

  10. I Love Them All, Especially The Dresses.

    1. I like the 3 piece wardrobe set.

  11. I where white on Frist Sunday of the month for Church

    1. Thanks for sharing Vickie!

  12. Am i approve f
    or astro credit

    1. Joyce, the only way to know you are approved is to place an order. You can go to or call 1 800 810 8964.

      1. Ladora 3 pieces i like that

  13. I love the dress with the cascading ruffles

  14. Like a Queen of casual is my fav

    1. Thanks for the comment and checking out our Lookbook Kalvin!

  15. I love the Boss look.

  16. I also love Like a Diva

    1. Thanks for the comment Nancy! If you’re an Ashro Woman, feel free to fill out our questionnaire here:

  17. I like the feminine look. All of them are sharp.

  18. I agree, White is very feminine and a great summer refreshing look.

  19. Would like to purchase white dress

    1. Hi Mary! We would like for you to purchase a white dress as well! :) Thanks for the comment!

  20. I love all the looks especially the crochet top with the pants and the four piece outfit

  21. I like Elle pantsuit

  22. I like the white pants suit with the half shoulder,I could rock that with some nice pumps and a bracelet.

  23. I love white,.it can be worn with anything. My favorite colors are black and white. I wear White on first Sunday in the spring and summer white with fuchsia, Fall and winter white with navy every first Sunday at church. Love it.

  24. Like a Dva
    Like a Boss
    Like a Queen

  25. Queen of the Casual! When you can’t where hills, but still want to look cute & sassy. I keeps it casual with class.

  26. I love the Queen of casual. That’s me, I think it’s classy.

  27. I like several looks but the Goddess has my vote.

  28. The Crochet top worn with ankle lengths pants.

  29. I am a diva Ashro Woman! I have this same white pant set and it was a hit at my mom’s all white 75th birthday party! I felt so pretty and elegant wearing it…just like a DIVA!!!

  30. I ordered the Carmela suit and hat because I loved the look and style. I was expecting the hat to look like the photo but the band was sewn and glued in a completely different position. Not becoming no matter what position I wore it. What happened? I detached the band on the top of the hat and will place it in a better position.

  31. The Elle Pant Suit is excellent!

  32. Queen of Casual is my favorite look from this selection, although it looks so beautiful, that I would wear it to church. a date or a Summer night out! 😀💖

  33. I think Full figured Women look beautiful in White!!! My favorites are !. Bianca Pant Set 2. Stripe Burnout Peplum Dress and 3. Paulina Crochet Top.
    I bought two white dresses last year and I get so many compliments!!!! One short linen beauty and on maxi lined sheer crinkle bottom with a jersey top.

  34. I love the Diva Look. I want one in Women’s size 18/20. Please re-stock the Women’s size.

  35. The Alecia Tier Dress would be my favorite!

  36. I Like To Be Queen Of Casual.
    I Love comfort.

  37. Greetings, I noticed the Bailey pants were not featured in your white look. i recently purchased these pants because I loved the look, however I was disappointed that such a fabulous look would not be lined, making the pants see through and resulting in me seeking to find a way to line them before wearing them. Something to consider for future designs.

    1. Thank you Jacqueline! We appreciate the feedback.

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