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An African-American woman in a white and lavender crochet jacket dress.

Trend Watch: Easter Prints and Pastels

After a long winter, most of us can’t wait to break out in the fresh, bright colors of spring. What better time to celebrate the season than Easter? Bring out your Sunday best in church attire carefully tailored in trend-right Easter prints and pastels.

Finding the most Flattering Easter Prints and Hues for You

What colors should you wear to church on Easter Sunday? Do you dress to impress every Sunday, holiday or not? What spring prints are making fashion news? According to Ashro’s trend patrol, the hottest palettes and patterns this year are especially flattering on darker skin tones.

Best Easter Brights – Many black women look amazing in vivid colors. If you’re one of them, consider a stunning church suit or jacket dress in deep yellow, fuchsia, violet, turquoise, coral or cobalt blue.

Prettiest Easter Pastels – If your idea of the perfect Easter outfit is a lovely spring dress in a pleasing pastel, the best shades of the season are lavender, pink, peach, mint, seafoam and silver/gray.

Perkiest Easter Prints – Fresh floral prints are big this year, both in tender pastels and emboldening brights. Geometrics and polka dots are always on trend—look for unexpected color combinations. And one look we absolutely adore: contemporary Afrocentric prints that will lift your spirits every time you wear them.

African-American woman in lavendar and yellow pastel print dress with long jacket and matching hat

Wondrous White: A Timeless Choice for Easter Dressing

As much as we love the full spectrum of colors found in popular Easter prints and pastels, when it comes to elegant Easter outfits, many African American women would unfailingly choose a beautifully cut women’s white pant suit or stunning white dress for church. Paired with white heels and a church hat, it’s a chic, monochromatic look that never loses its charm.

This year, we’re loving white suits and dresses with white-on-white embellishments, such as lace overlays, beading and rhinestones. Another hot look: a mostly white skirt suit or jacket dress with fresh floral print trim, embroidered accents or intriguing cutouts at the sleeves and hem.

Black woman in white pantsuit with bow on jacket front and white hat

Easter Prints and Colors: What Do They Say About YOU?

You probably already know what spring colors look best on you, and best express your unique style statement. But every color has a deeper meaning. Do you know what your favorite Easter prints and colors say about you?

  • Yellow – When you wear yellow, you radiate happiness and energy. Yellow—the brightest color perceived by the human eye—symbolizes sunshine, youth and friendship.
  • Blue – Do you value tranquility and harmony? Then perhaps blue is your wardrobe color of choice. Light blues are cool and calming; deeper blues signify intelligence and loyalty. (No wonder blue is such a popular favorite!)
  • Green – If you love green, perhaps you’re an earth mother. Green is the color of nature and healing. While shades like mint and seafoam convey vitality and growth, darker greens are associated with abundance and wealth.
  • Orange – Are you adventurous? Do you like stealing the show? Then you may love wearing vibrant shades of tangerine and coral—stimulating colors of warmth and fun. If you’re drawn to softer citrus shades like peach and apricot, chances are, you’re in touch with your creative side.
  • Purple – If you love purple, perhaps you’re descended from royalty! Nothing makes you feel more regal than deep, rich purple—the color of kings and queens. While violet hues convey mystery and magic, lavenders often project femininity and youth.
  • Pink – We all know pink is the most feminine color on the spectrum (and also one of the most flattering). But shading is everything: while pale pinks can represent sweetness and romance, hot pinks convey confidence, energy and excitement. Go girl!
  • White – White is a traditional favorite for church attire, since it’s symbolic of light, purity and piety in many cultures. However, white suits and dresses also convey simplicity and elegance—so it’s always a just-right choice.
African-American woman in yellow skirt suit
African-American woman in blue sleeveless dress with pink flower print
Black woman in with and black polka dot dress with yellow flower print at top and bottom
African-American woman in red-pink dress with flowy sleeves
Black woman in navy blue skirt suit with lace embelishments
Black woman in bronze jacket dress with big bow bronze hat
Black woman in with and blue polka dot dress with blue jacket
A black woman in a light blue jacket dress with white floral embroidery and a matching hat with a white band and netting.
African-American woman in ivory and gold pantsuit with matching bag
Black woman in green skirt suit with small bling detail
Black woman in plum cape jacket dress
African-American woman in pink print jacket dress

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❤️ luv the clothes very sophisticated¡!! But what about the short women like 5ft&4in tall can Ashro start making clothes for that height tire of paying to get them alterations on my height.

Hi Brenda! Thanks for loving our clothes! We will share your feedback about petite offerings with our merchandising team. It’s a great idea! Stay tuned! Thanks for the comment and checking out our blog!

Can you send me a catalog XXXXXXXXX,
New Orleans, La.70118 , the Easter selection is beautiful

Sure Linda! And we removed your full address for security purposes. Thank you for shopping ASHRO!

Do you have Tiger Pants Belts and a Green Dress Jacket for my Pkam Palm Dress and will I receive order this Easter Sunday Please enter info in my email regarding Credit Approval and the on a green jacket and if not do you have that Silver Jacket in stock. I viewed it in one of your catalogs. It is an anazing ideal to have jackets to raccompany those wide dress found in one of your catalogs.

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