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Ashro is committed to investing in the wellbeing of The Black Community—locally and nationally—through partnerships, donations and volunteer efforts. In order to powerfully execute this commitment, Ashro created the Ashro Community Council: the ACC. This council is made up of employees who are dedicated to the Ashro customer and to The Black Community. Using a holistic, customer-focused approach, the ACC selected four areas of philanthropic focus: Black Women’s Wellness, Black Youth & Education, Basic Needs and Hunger Relief and Black Advancement. This exciting work is now underway. Please take a look!

Ashro Community Council Black Women's Health

Women (and their wellbeing) are the lifeblood of The Black Community. For this reason, we’re partnering with nonprofits & experts to provide customers with the knowledge needed to take charge of their physical, emotional and financial health.

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Ashro Community Council Youth & Education

Education is truly powerful. Its benefits include but are not limited to personal and community advancement, self awareness—and realizing dreams. Ashro is seeking opportunities to invest in the next generation through scholarship contributions and other exciting endeavors.
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Ashro Community Council Basic Needs & Hunger Relief

We are partnering with dynamic nonprofits across this nation who are efficiently feeding, clothing and serving those in need. Our aim is to magnify and multiply what they are already doing so well.
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Ashro Community Council Black Advancement

Our two-pronged approach includes anti-racism initiatives and Black empowerment. We are seeking out opportunities to support awareness campaigns, to celebrate and honor Black leaders, artists and thinkers…and to feature products designed by or sold by Black businesses.

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We love to feature real, inspiring women like you in our customer emails. Fill out our questionnaire, and you may become our next “WOW” (Woman Of the Week). Ready to tell your story?

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