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Ashro Woman: DaVesa B.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, DaVesa B. from Granite City, IL

Faith-filled and empowered, DaVesa Brown is a minister’s wife, mother and jewelry entrepreneur who also works at a non-profit community outreach organization.

When we asked her what makes her happy, she said it is encouraging others. As a woman of faith, DaVesa allows the Holy Spirit to teach her daily. “One of my biggest struggles was unforgiveness, but now it is my latest triumph!”

DaVesa gives all credit to her grandmother who always taught her to love God and love people. Following her grandmother’s example, DaVesa teaches her children the importance of including God in everything, reading the Bible and applying it to their everyday life. 

Fashion is also a passion for DaVesa. What she loves most about it is the varieties of styles and the ability to enhance or complement the beauty you already have. DaVesa recalls her first time receiving an Ashro catalog, she says “I was instantly captivated by the beauty-full (my way of expressing beautiful) styles shown.” 

She usually dresses up for church every Sunday, date nights and her jewelry vendor events. DaVesa’s best advice?  “Keep God first, and everything else will fall into place.”


DaVesa B.
Which city do you live?
Granite City
Which state do you live?
How would you describe the Ashro woman? How do you embody her?
God-fearing & Empowered! By allowing the Holy Spirit to teach me daily!
What do you do for a living? What do you like most about it? What don’t you like?
I work for a community outreach nonprofit organization. What I like most about it is the accessibility I have to resources that can help those who need it. What I don’t like is not being able to help everyone who may have a need, but inquires too late. I also am an Independent Jewelry Consultant.
How do you spend your free time?
I spend my free time with my husband & children watching movies, playing games, and selling jewelry.
What small thing makes you happy?
Encouraging others
What is your best dish? Who do you make it for—and where do you typically serve it?
Spaghetti. I only cook for my immediate family.
What has been your greatest struggle…and your greatest (or latest) triumph?
My greatest struggle WAS unforgiveness, but now it is my latest triumph!
Who influenced you the most in your life. Why? And in what way?
My Grandma. She has always set an example for us to Love God & Love people.
Do you volunteer or do charity work? Tell us about it!
I don’t currently do either, but in the past, I was a PTA treasurer & a different nonprofit organization’s treasurer.
Are you in a sorority? Or is anyone in your family in a sorority? If so, which one and what does it mean to you?
No, I never really got into that.
What do you love about fashion and style?
I love the variety of styles that have the ability to enhance or complement the beauty you already have.
Has anyone in particular influenced your style?
My children’s godmother, Alisa! She has so much style! She can put on anything & make it pop!
What occasions/events do you dress up for? (for example-do you often dress up for church, cultural events, charity events, going out, etc.) And how often do you typically get dressed up?
Church, Date nights, Jewelry Vendor events
How has your style evolved over time?
Over time, my style has gotten a lot better with the help of my children’s godmother.
Do you wear hats? How often and what type of hat? Do you wear them to church? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a hat with us!
Just recently started wearing them actually…bucket hats, mostly. I haven’t quite graduated to the bigger church hats yet.
Do you wear headwraps? How often? Where did you learn how to tie it? Share a pic of you in a headwrap with us!
No, not really, unless it’s to bed.
Do you wear wigs? How often and what length or style? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a wig with us!
I used to, but since I’ve had my locs, I haven’t felt the need.
Are you a woman of faith? How does that faith affect your life? Please tell us more.
Yes, I am. My faith affects my life by helping to keep me aware of how I carry myself & how I represent Him.
Do you attend church? What church do you go to and what do you love most about it?
Yes, I attend Word Empowerment Kingdom Building Center in Granite City, IL. What I like most is that the Holy Spirit gets to have His way & we are empowered by the Word.
How are you passing along your faith traditions onto your children/grandchildren?
My faith is passed to my children by teaching them the importance of including God in everything, small & great being sure to ask for His help daily through prayer. I also teach them how to read & study the Word & apply it to their everyday lives.
Are you a First Lady or a Pastor?
If yes, tell us about it.
My husband is a Minister, but not a Pastor.
Your best advice?
Keep God First & Everything else will fall into place.
What lessons has motherhood (or being a grandmother) taught you?
Practice what you preach! I am learning more & more that I am my children’s biggest example.
Are you an Ashro Credit customer? If so, how has our credit helped you?
Yes, I love it! Having it helps me to look & feel my best!
Do you have a memory to share of when you first heard about Ashro or when you received your first catalog?
When I received my first catalog, I was instantly captivated by the beauty-full (my way of expressing beautiful) styles shown.

Thanks for inspiring us, DaVesa!

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I love Ashro! This company was made; with me in mind.

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