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Ashro Woman: Ruth H.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week Ruth from Louisville, GA

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Ruth H.. from Louisville, GA

Ashro Woman of the Week Ruth, a smiling African-American woman wearing a purple dress and hat.

“DOING YOUR BEST is ALWAYS required!!”

It’s easy to see that Ruth lives life with gusto: from her bright smile…to her deep faith…to the way she ALL CAPS many of her words. Now retired, Ruth loves “the TIME that is ALL MINE!!!” She spends that time reading, sewing (sometimes changing up Ashro clothes), “revamping” recipes, and watching Steve Harvey on Family Feud. Kids also bring her joy.

Ruth’s positive attitude is a beautiful choice. She has overcome her share of trouble, struggling with broken bones since 1967. Thankfully, once she was able to get a hip replacement, “life got so much BETTER!!!” If you ask Ruth what gets her up every morning, she will say it’s her faith. “Without GOD–my LIFE would be like a ship without a SAIL!!!”


Ruth H.

Where do you live (city & state)?

Louisville, GA

  1. Why are you an Ashro woman?


  1. What is your favorite part about fashion and style?

The colors and LENGTH

  1. What makes you get up every morning?

Just Knowing that it is ANOTHER DAY to PRAISE my LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS!!!

  1. Your best advice?


  1. What small thing makes you happy?

Small Children—Interacting with them is always a JOY!!!

  1. What has been your greatest struggle…and your greatest (or latest) triumph?

MY Health–I have had broken bones since 1967—Finally a Hip Replacement made my LIFE so much BETTER!!!

  1. How do you spend your free time?

Reading, Sewing (Remodeling ASHRO Dresses) Cooking (revamping recipes) Watching STEVE HARVEY (Family Feud)

  1. What do you do for a living? What do you like most about it? What don’t you like?

I am RETIRED and I LOVE the TIME that is ALL MINE!!!

  1. Who influenced you the most in your life. Why? And in what way?

OPRAH WINFREY—She DOES her OWN thing-regardless of MEGA Criticism!!!

  1. Are you a woman of faith? How does that faith affect your life? Please tell us more.

YES, YES, YES!!! Without GOD–My LIFE would be like a ship without a SAIL!!!

  1. What lessons has motherhood (or being a grandmother) taught you?

There are TIMES when we need to let the CHILDREN SPEAK!!!

  1. What occasions/events do you dress up for? (for example-do you often dress up for church, cultural events, charity events, going out, etc.) And how often do you typically get dressed up?

CHURCH – EVERY SUNDAY and Charity Events twice a Year!!!

  1. Do you wear hats? How often and what type of hat? Do you wear them to church? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a hat with us!

Yes, YES, YES!!!

  1. Do you wear wigs? How often and what length or style? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a wig with us!

NOT much

  1. Do you wear headwraps? How often? Where did you learn how to tie it? Share a pic of you in a headwrap with us!


  1. How would you describe the Ashro woman? How do you embody her? Does the brand mean something to you? Any memories associated with the catalog?

The ASHRO WOMAN is the ONE with a PURPOSE!!! Everywhere she goes, she STANDS OUT!!!

Thanks for inspiring us, Ruth!

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