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Meet Ashro Woman of Faith
DYNITA H. from Texas, a smiling African-American woman in a pale yellow jacket dress with a matching hat.

Meet Dynita from TX

Brought up to believe that everybody is a somebody, Dynita drives a bus for handicapped children and loves them like they were her own. “Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. Everyday life is mountains. If I didn’t have faith, there’s no way I could have made it this far!”

SHON, a smiling African-American woman in a hot pink dress with teal necklace, bag and shoes.

Meet Shon from Brooklyn, NY

As a patient care assistant, Shon’s faith helps her to be a blessing to the sick and elderly. “My faith gives me reasons to respect others. Live a better life. Learn to love myself and others more. Forgive easily.”

Ashro Women lookbook page, featuring a black woman in a white dress with flared sleeves and long, wavy hair.

Meet Alysha from Camden, NJ

“Yes, and it is my faith in God that has helped me to endure through some of life most challenging moments. I truly don’t know where I would be without it.”

Meet Toy from Brooklyn, NY

Meet Toy from Brooklyn, NY

“ABSOLUTELY! It has only strengthened me as a person. I realize that everything is not in my control and it’s ok to relinquish my control for help in areas I need it in. That God is bigger than my circumstances and He loves me…so I worry less and pray more. Then I leave the rest in His hands.”

FRANCES LARRY, an African-American woman in a white dress with a peplum and flared sleeves.

Meet Frances from Palm Coast, FL

Frances is a grandmother raising two young boys. “Without faith I would not be able to overcome the struggles/challenges that I face in my daily life.” Her faith allows her to focus on growth and light rather than difficulties. “Motherhood is the best academy for learning patience, compassion, caring, joy and critical thinking. Most of all, I learn how to embrace selflessness and still have dignity.” 

Ashro lookbook customer Enda, a smiling black woman in short red hair, wearing a black jacket and blue dress.

Meet Edna from Brooklyn, NY

“Yes. It causes me treat people with respect, regardless to who they are and where they come from. This sounds corny but it’s TRUE. It caused me to learn how to say hello in Urdu, or Hindi. It causes me to study the Bible more, and do research on different bible topics.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Carolyn, an African-American woman with short hair, wearing a yellow jacket dress.

Meet Carolyn From Jacksonville, FL

“Yes I am! I’m a Pastor and my husband is a Bishop! The words says “ without faith, it is impossible to please God”. Without it my life has very little substance. Faith is what gets me through those those tough times, Faith is what keeps me hoping and not giving up.”

RENEE W., a smiling black woman in a yellow and lavender print dress with a bead necklace and black hat.

Meet Renee from Sacremento, CA

“I’m a faithful servant of Christ and apply His love to my every day.” Renee identifies with the Ashro Woman: a woman who is strong, confident, mighty and full of integrity. As the First Lady of her church, youth leader and children’s director, we see Renee living out those beautiful qualities. Faith in action!

Ashro lookbook customer Cynthia, a smiling black woman with smooth, light brown hair, wearing a flowing red pantsuit.

Meet Cynthia from Orlando, FL

“Yes.. it gives me the ability to navigate the ups and down of life. Despite what’s going on I truly realize. This too shall pass.”

Ashro Woman of the Week, Beverly, an black woman wearing a white dress and matching headwrap at an outdoor event.

Meet Beverly from New York

“Yes I’m a woman of faith. It keeps me going every day. It keeps me happy and helps me when I’m sad. When I think about my future, I know faith will push me through. And I appreciate God for giving me grace and mercy and instilling faith in me.”

Ashro lookbook customer Crystal, a smiling black woman with short hair and bangs, wearing a bright yellow top.

Meet Crystal from Douglasville, GA

“I walk by faith and find it in my heart to always encourage others to seek God in everything. I am a great exhorter and teacher of the Word.”

Ashro lookbook customer Barbara, a smiling black woman in a navy, white and black dress, with hair to the side.

Meet Baraba V

“Yes I’m a woman of faith. It keeps me going every day. It keeps me happy and helps me when I’m sad. When I think about my future, I know faith will push me through. And I appreciate God for giving me grace and mercy and instilling faith in me.”

Ashro lookbook customer Karen, a black woman with long brown hair, in a blue jacket and print dress, with a red bag.

Meet Karen P.

“I’m an Apostle. My faith gives me hope in a world of impossibilities. My faith spills over to the hopeless to empower them to strive.”

Which treats of the character and pursuits of the famous Don Quixote of La Mancha.

Which treats of the first sally the ingenious Don Quixote made from home.

Comments (17)


I will be shopin here for my Church Attire Thank you very much like zome whites.

maureen Solomon

Ashley woman of faith God is so amazing and I love all the fashion styles clothing shoes that you guys self God is good all the time

Sandra Armstrong

The clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry and etc. I’m very excited about this catalog and the fact that you carry plus size is wonderful. No matter if you’re pleasingly plumped you can still look great and at reasonably price at easy a simple easy pay. Thank you for the beautiful fashions you have in this catalog for purchase.


Sandra Armstrong


I am pleased with the styles; you offer fashions for various age groups. The sizes are also for the more endowed females. The shoes are also beautiful and some have both style and the lower heel. The purses shoes all of the accessories are here in one place. Great one stop shopping.


I love Ashro catalog from there Church suites, dresses and afrocentric style of favorite. Keep up a great style and favorite. A special thank you from me to you guess.

the Sunday dresses,

Glenda Dedmon

Would like to see Catalog page’s larger online!

Thank you


I’ve worked in front-row customer service, where visual and first time impressions, meant the difference between responsive, productive encounters and ineffective displays of dilettantism. Thereby, no artistic performance given, could serve as rescue. So, my theory was “smiles, bubbly, entertaining and instinctive”. Practically speaking, I chose “doubt-crushing uniforms. Each job needed to require a uniform, which spoke, without words; only I or my coworkers can help you.(imagine being a CUA agency) No matter what was needed to accomplish individual satisfaction, the dependability on what the uniform stood for; represented non-universal, specialized, nontraditional, non conforming education or certified, hands-on training. I knew my weakness was visual, due to any or no experience. Blue jeans occupied my wardrobe, from birth. Because it was uncomfortable, impractical(to me), noticeable, requiring additional upkeep and complicated finishes( the dreaded salon or heels), I wouldn’t even try and pull it off.
Long story short? Those uniforms say a lot, but performance and skills are way out front. It’s much harder to convince than to convey. The one job I managed to retire with, was one which did not require, but allowed me the opportunity to look around the multi- billion dollar corporate world and experience gradual self expression, utilizing my outward appearance, as a testing module for any resourceful gain. It was, the first time in my life that there was no doubt or sense of insecurity. From Lane Bryant to Nordstrom and beyond; it was the most influential, critical time of my life. I discovered that it was safe to be pretty and womanly and nobody judged the moments. We enjoyed simple work expectation and indulged in show room attire, as a deep sense of pride and respect for the job. I’ll never forget those feelings of confidence, credibility, and promise. This is, once again, now that I’m retired, how I feel when I thumb through my ASHRO catalog or surf the site. My vanity is still intact, however. The price doesn’t mean a thing. It’s the personal growth and positive outcomes, that matter. With respect to personal beliefs, I am humbled. Some sense of “why?” is questionable. In retrospect, religious ovature resolves nothing. All have the same complex. I don’t grey it, yet but when at the pearly gates, I guess I HE won’t notice me in jeans.
But that is a level of education I am not versed. Ain’t one yo judge…whatever works.
So, I guess someone out there gets what I’m trying to say. ASHRO, to me, is a revelation of fundamental feelings. I can let go and play without doubt again. Because what I see on the page before me is exactly what I feel. Put it on, forget it’s there, and let the attire do it’s job….easy as that. Sorry about the novel, but somewhere someone is shaking their head in agreement.
Thank you, ASHRO.
Another believing patron


Now, I need somewhere to wear them.

Casserene Cassells

I am a woman of faith I buy my church cloths & shoes&boots cloths fits very nicely.u need to make the check out much easier for shopping on line


I love your shoes but can never buy them because I wear size 5 1/2 but a girl can dream. I normally buy my clothes in petite sizes but you have one suit I’ve just got to have so I’m going to buy it in a 6 misses and if it is not to big or doesn’t cost to much I’ll get it altered and pray for the best.You have a hat on a model on page 23 wearing the verdi 3 pc skirt suit but I can’t find the hat anywhere.I’ve looked online as well I love that hat.Can you help me.

Kimesha Johson

I am on worship team, but not only that I just got a new position as my church deaconess at my church. I am 38, it was time for me to dress in a mature way. Your stylish clothes are amazing. God is an on time God he deserves my worship and praise. I praise the good lord for this day and all he does everyday.


Amen Kimesha!!


Yes I am a women of Faith

Staycia M Dillard

Blessings, I am a woman of Faith. I am a Nazarite woman. Blessed and highly favored. I love your clothing designs and shoes. Beautiful.




All beautiful and loved the post!

Geraldine Ward

I have been wearing ASHRO. Clothes over 10 years, I’m a Woman of Faith and love to represent Spiritual and Natural He wants us to look good, I just wish ASHRO would recognize their customers and send gifts cards without the surveys we will continue keep y’all in business
We love ASHRO

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Published on Mar 25 2020

Last Updated on Jul 19 2021

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