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Ashro Woman: Shirley

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Shirley from Stafford, VA

“Love is action, not talk.”

There is so much to learn from Shirley about how to live—with real love. When we asked her what parenting had taught her, her answer was so beautiful and practical…”I love my precious family right where they are….each one is Unique.

Wait in Love and do not place your expectations on them. Try to assist them on their journey…always praying they will embrace what is right vs. being religious—and that they will not forfeit the plans God has for them!” Yes and Amen. 

Woman with braided hair smiling red patterned dress


Shirley L.
Which city do you live?
Which state do you live?
How would you describe the Ashro woman? How do you embody her?
Charismatic, Classy & Confident
How long have you been an Ashro customer?
15 years.
What do you do for a living? What do you like most about it? What don’t you like?
Evangelize, HR Specialist, Humanitarian, Writer & Psalmist
How do you spend your free time?
Praying, Helping and Writing
What small thing makes you happy?
Seeing others smile, music, theatre and flowers
What is your best dish? Who do you make it for—and where do you typically serve it?
My Heavenly Pound Cake
What has been your greatest struggle…and your greatest (or latest) triumph?
Being a people Pleaser vs God Pleaser & Self
Who influenced you the most in your life. Why? And in what way?
Truthfully Jesus Christ, His unselfishness and Obedience even unto death. Even Jesus had struggles and was/is an exceptional example of Live and Forgivess
Do you volunteer or do charity work? Tell us about it!
I use to volunteer in Shelters and food banks until had surgery this April. For various organizations and helping Young Women!
Are you in a sorority? Or is anyone in your family in a sorority? If so, which one and what does it mean to you?
Yes family member. It’s not just about you but others also!
What do you love about fashion and style?
Fashion & Style is a means of Expressing Your Personal Essence
Has anyone in particular influenced your style?
Lena Horne, Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama

What occasions/events do you dress up for? (for example-do you often dress up for church, cultural events, charity events, going out, etc.) And how often do you typically get dressed up?
Church, Cultural Events, Theatre Outings, Family Outings, Social events
How has your style evolved over time?
Style plus comfort. Unfortunately have gaine more mass in breast and upper arms; therefore want to still look classy and comfortable.
Do you wear hats? How often and what type of hat? Do you wear them to church? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a hat with us!
Yes love them. All types from Church hats to glitzy baseball hats.
Do you wear headwraps? How often? Where did you learn how to tie it? Share a pic of you in a headwrap with us!
Yes, on YouTube.
Do you wear wigs? How often and what length or style? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a wig with us!
Yes, for my Plays and hair pieces.
Are you a woman of faith? How does that faith affect your life? Please tell us more.
I am Believer in the Holy Trinity; however, Ido not believe in forcing my Faith but Living my Faith in Actions of Love and Helps. It is important to me to be sensitive to others. My Faith has affected my life very much and even recently made me lose my job because I was told I care too much about others… I cared that they were being paid properly! Was let go 1 day before major knee surgery! It was devastating to my Soul for one because I’d Never been Fired before. The comfort I hold is by Faith I was able to help others and I look forward to what God has for me with Forgiveness in my Heart and Essence.
Do you attend church? What church do you go to and what do you love most about it?
Faithfully. Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Triangle Va. Rev Alfred Jones. I love that my Pastor preaches a strong life changing & challenging word. We give back to the community and care about youth and congregation.
How are you passing along your faith traditions onto your children/grandchildren?
I pray with them, listen, encourage them, take them on field trips and use to take them with me to conduct community service for their elders or those in need. I show them Love is Action …not talk
Are you a First Lady or a Pastor?
What lessons has motherhood (or being a grandmother) taught you?
Love my precious family right where they are….each one is Unique. Wait in Love and do not place your expectations on them try to assist them on their journey. Yet always Praying they will embrace what is Right vs. being Religious or not Forfeiting the Plans Gid has for them!
Your best advice?
Love & Forgiving with the Passion of the Holy Trinity that Only wants you to walk in Victory vs. Unfruitful Regrets
Are you an Ashro Credit customer? If so, how has our credit helped you?
Yes. Many times I bought large quantities of your caftans for various scenes in my plays or gave them for thank you gifts.
Do you have a memory to share of when you first heard about Ashro or when you received your first catalog?
Yes, It was for one our Christmas Productions and was searching for additional Afro American venders. I was so excited and ordered about 25 caftans. At that time you offered a disc on some items when you purchased items. The caftans sold out immediately and I begin to take orders and made Ashro many referral customers in the Appomattox VA area. Around 2009.
Woman standing in front of a tall thin Christmas tree in a red and yellow dress
Woman in a hat leaning against a desk
woman smiling purple tint to image

Thanks for inspiring us, Shirley!

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How about starting an AshroPrime so I can save money on shipping?

Thanks for the idea!

I have fallen in love with everything you offer. I regret the 3 outfits I ordered are too large for me. I could just see myself with my outfits on. Now 8 have too send them back and see if I can find something my size. I am 5′ 1 170lbs.I am working on my weight. I am a Pastor I love my hats and jewelry. My shoes were too wide I hate to send them back. In losing weight it seems my feet are narrow again. I will be shoe shopping. God bless all of you. I will look for some whit outfits..

I definitely enjoy wearing my different clothes that I have purchased from this company. I feel more classic stylish and special. I enjoy wearing solid colors and other colors of designs.

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