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Fall 2023 Ashro Women Talk Ashro Credit [Lookbook]

“Ashro Credit is very manageable; you really get a bang for your buck. Ashro never disappoints with anything. Ashro credit is perfect for someone who is mindful of their budget and can stay within your limits. The monthly payments are very affordable, and I’m happy to pay sooner than later. I am very impressed and fortunate to have the luxury of using Ashro Credit.”

Monique P. (Bradenton, FL)

“I have been an Ashro customer for approximately ten years. I decided to open a credit account because it made purchasing online convenient, there are no annual fees, and it was a great way to establish a positive credit history. There were a couple of times when my money was low and having an Ashro account saved the day!”

Amelia H. (St. Louis, MO)

“I appreciate Ashro credit because I’m able to buy African attire and accessories that I like and then pay later.”

Rosemary H. (Chicago, IL)

“The first Ashro catalog came many years ago when I was not in a financial situation to purchase clothing for special occasions ( as my children were young and needed things for their extracurricular activities at that time). I was not able to invest much into myself at that time. When I saw the model on the cover, I remember thinking I could look as elegant as she did (smile). The credit allowed me to purchase a few quality things which has lasted a long time. So, now I have a wardrobe of beautiful gowns/pantsuits to choose from when I attend weddings and formal affairs…[your] credit has allowed me to look my finest at all the right times and occasions! My family and friends always inquire about where I purchase my clothes…Thanks Ashro!”

Michelle G. (Charlotte, NC)

“I have had Ashro Credit for quite some time, which has been extremely helpful for getting something for special events. I love that it does not take long and I can get nice and elegant outfits. Having Ashro Credit makes it easy for online shopping, and I like that you can shop immediately.”

Rev. Dr. E. Regina H., RN (Jersey City, NJ)

“I can buy what I want and make payments. I love the Ashro fashions. Every time I wear an item, I am asked where I got that because your styles are unique and speak to the elegance and grace of the Black woman. My mother loved your clothing, and she introduced me to the Ashro catalog, she is now a heavenly angel, but my mom passed down her style and grace to me as I grew up and watched her dress for different occasions. Thank you, Ashro Women!”

Janice B. (Dayton, Ohio)

“I love being able to make monthly payments instead of paying at one time. Ashro credit is so convenient. With the economy the way it is, we don’t always have the money upfront to buy a beautiful outfit. With Ashro credit, we can look great while making small monthly payments. What are you waiting for? Get your credit and start dressing amazingly beautifully!!”

Judith W. (Greensburg, PA)

“Ashro Credit has allowed me to make quick and easy transactions. Making the decision about what to purchase is the hardest part, so many great choices.”

Gina H. (Kansas City, MO)

I have been a loyal member of Ashro for almost 15 years. The credit department is simple and not misleading! A year ago, I signed up to pay payments automatically from my account and was pleasantly surprised. I can even add additional payments to pay my account down faster! Once, I was in the hospital and missed my due date. When I called to pay after I was released and apologized, Ashro was kind enough to reverse the late fee!

Shirl L. (Stafford, VA)

Ashro credit provides the opportunity to splurge, releasing the Queen inside of me. Queens deserve the very best! Ashro’s unique style and credit is just right to help showcase the True Royalty in all of us. Ashro credit has helped me acquire items I desperately desired to show off to others.  Real showstoppers!

Dr Rhonda G. (Dayton, OH)

I have been a steady and proud Ashro Credit Customer for nearly two decades. The ease of ordering birthday, holiday, and “just because” presents on credit enables me to better manage my household budget. The discretionary funds I spend in making purchases for my family and friends is always an exhilarating experience. Ashro is number one in customer relations and they offer their customers a great selection of high-quality and beautiful products and fashion merchandise to choose from. It’s a pleasure to deal with Ashro when making their low-interest payments either with their live agents or online.

Barbara W. (Saint Louis, MO)

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Black mother and daughter wearing Ashro Afrocentric fashions

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Hi, that purple and gold African dress are two piece set I would love to have it cause it’s so beautiful I see Where you all have sold out can you please bring that outfit back? I know it will sell good

I have been Ashro woman for years. I am still rocking my Ashro attire.

Hi Dorothy, thank you for being an Ashro Woman 🥰

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