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Chic Casual Ashro Attire for My Milestone Birthday Vacation

In my family, milestone birthdays are a really big deal. We go all out with the huge birthday parties coupled with wonderful commemorative decorations. But for my 55th birthday, I wanted to do something really intimate, unique, and distinctive as I continue to live my life fully, boldly, and creatively. I shared with my husband Tony that I wanted to take an amazing vacation with just the two of us. While I chose a nontraditional method of celebrating my milestone birthday, I have embraced a newfound tradition.

Individuals are now ordering the three to five feet tall decorative standup numbers and having a birthday photo shoot. I thought I would do just that. I organized a photo shoot featuring stunning Ashro ensembles. I absolutely love this company which is the premier clothing brand for Black women. I decided to select sophisticated and classy casual attire for both my photo shoot and to wear throughout my stay at a wonderful hotel in warm and sunny Ocala, Florida.

Every Woman is Authentically Beautiful!

While scrolling through the Ashro website, I felt drawn to the green Authentic Beauty Top. It literally has the words Authentic Beauty printed on the front and features cuffed sleeves with a longer hem in the rear. I feel like every woman is authentically beautiful and I love the idea of reinforcing that concept at this stage in my life. The beautifully fitting top and black Kendra Ponte´ Legging with a gold tone, faux-zip pocket were a great fit for me. During my vacay, I selected the ensemble to wear when Tony and I took horseback riding lessons at CrownView Dressage. I’ve always wanted to go horseback riding. My 55th birthday, was an opportune time to do something that I’ve never done before. While at the horse farm I wore my own black riding boots. Turns out, I ordered the Ashro Riding Boot just a little too late for my trip. Back at the hotel, I paired the outfit with a pair of Ashro black high heeled sandals.


I chose the gorgeous Rumi Top in a sage hue because it features a plunging V-neckline in the front and back, puffy sleeves, and smocking throughout. The white Joyce Linen Pant with rhinestones and embroidery added elegance to the blouse. I thought this sophisticated ensemble would be a great selection for our reservations at a local fine dining restaurant. For the photo shoot, I enjoyed being in the grand lobby, lounge areas, and the beautiful outdoors. I paired the exquisite outfit with the Ashro white Floral Cutout Slide.

Beauty in the Blue and White!

Oh, the beauty of the blue and white Summer Stripes Tunic. This top appealed to me because of its color and elegant yet casual design. The sleeves are quite unique, and I especially like that it is one of the high-low designs that Ashro carries. The super comfy white Kelis Legging, made of cotton and spandex, fits me so well. I wore this sassy number to the Saturday night Grand Prix Equestrian Championship on the terrace of our hotel. I paired the ensemble with the silver Ashro Olivia Miller Rhinestone Strap Thong that night and with my colorful floral pumps for the photo shoot the following day.

Stunning Style

The sunny yellow Maui Maui Top is a drape-type, high-low blouse with cuffed sleeves. I chose it because of the stunning style. The Anber Rhinestone-Fringe Jean with the rhinestone trim around the ankles is a really great fit. It’s hard for me to find the right jeans. But this time, I did. This pair hugs my curves in all the right places and is so comfortable. It fits me in a great way. I knew that I would be strolling around the Downtown Ocala Market, local restaurants, and lounge areas throughout the hotel. So, I wanted to wear something super charming. While walking, I paired the outfit with the Ashro Olivia Miller Rhinestone Strap Thong. For the photo shoot, I rocked the white Ashro Floral Cutout Slide.

You Can Never Go Wrong with the Kelis Legging!

I gravitated to the delightfully eclectic brown Amare T-Shirt because of the intriguing image of a woman with a kente cloth headwrap and gold accents. Once I received it, I was happy to see that it fit me so well as it is made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. Additionally, I feel like you can never go wrong with the Kelis Legging. Since I have them in all three colors, I wore the brown with my lovely tee. I had an appointment for a facial at the hotel’s spa. I thought this outfit would be lovely to wear as I made my way to the beautifully decorated second floor that housed the spa. After my treatment, I relaxed for a time in the lounge. I paired the outfit with gold pumps for the photo shoot and wore the silver Ashro Olivia Miller Rhinestone Strap Thong to the spa.


When I saw the word “soulful” written in rhinestones on the ribbed tank top, I just had to have it. Talk about a fabulous fit. Oh, what a wonderful feeling when I wore the Soulful Rhinestone Tank. Then there is the Extra High-Waist Compression Legging that flattens my tummy a little and slims my curves. It was the perfect complement to the tank top. As I eagerly made my way to the sweets store to taste some desserts and toy shop to purchase a gift for my grandbaby, I wore the silver Ashro Olivia Miller Rhinestone Strap Thong with this outfit. For the photo shoot, I soulfully swirled, whirled, and twirled in my favorite tan platform shoes.

Royal Style!

When I am enjoying the comforts of home or relaxing in my hotel room on vacation, I think it’s important to dress in lovely lounge wear. The fuchsia Naveah Short Caftan is soft to the touch and really fits the bill. The royal style polyester microfiber caftan can also be worn out on the town with my leggings. For my photo shoot, I wore Ashro silver sandals with dangling rhinestones with it.

Just Right for Any Occasion

While I wore this elegant v-neck, black and white Dasia Long Caftan in my hotel room, I really look forward to wearing it out on the town or on the beach in the very near future. As with the Naveah Short Caftan, during the photo shoot, I wore it with Ashro silver sandals with dangling rhinestones. Of course, I couldn’t resist reclining on the sofa while barefoot.

A Must Have!

I haven’t seen a really chic jogging suit that offers comfort and style in quite some time. When I spotted the yellow Shaina Active Set with black rhinestones and peek-a-boo slits on the sleeves and legs, I had to have it. The two-piece set is quite fashionable. Further, the silver shimmering Skechers Uno Aluminiferous Lace-Up athletic shoes were just must have for me. The sneakers feature air-cooled memory foam padding inside of the sneakers.

While it was just hubby and me on my amazing trip, for sentimental reasons, I wanted my beautiful family to be a part of my milestone birthday. I was able to include them in subtle ways by wearing jewelry that my son Jay gave me for my birthday, the corsage that my daughter Antasha and son-in-love Jules gave me to wear at their wedding, and a family heirloom that my mother Lizzie entrusted to me. My younger sister Natalie styled my hair beforehand and my older sister Sylathia sent and electronic gift for us to eat lunch after the photo shoot. The photo credit goes to my incredible husband.

 My makeup, featuring BECCA shimmering skin protector, SIGMA IVY eyeshadow, and SIGMA liquid lipstick in venom, was compliments of My Cosmetic Counter.

I felt all the love and positive energy throughout the weekend!!

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