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What Makes You Laugh?

What Makes You Laugh?

We absolutely love getting to know you. You inspire us!

Since we didn’t want to keep that inspiration all to ourselves, we’re sharing the experiences and thoughts of other Ashro Women with YOU!

Here are some of the responses we received when we asked you: What makes you laugh?

Meet Judy from Baton Rouge, LA

“The happiness of others, seeing those smiles and giggles, IT’S CONTAGIOUS.”

Meet Stephanie from Allentown, PA

“A good joke, my kids and grandchildren. Their innocent mistakes and the things that they do are so funny. Watching them grow, teaching them about the importance of education and God, and the question they ask as to why are too funny at times.”

Meet Brenda from Danville

“The little things like my husband and granddaughter dancing in the living room.”

Meet Luz Magaly from Rochester, NY

“The silly things little kids say! I love their innocence. One of my little first graders told me a few months ago, “I’m so bored. I wish we can go back to old times and ride horses in the wind.” I couldn’t stop laughing!”

Meet Kimberly from Newark, DE

“My grandchildren make me laugh because I get joy out of watching how God uses them to say or do just what I need right on time.”

Meet Carolyn from Waldorf, MD

“Family reunions. Watching my 88 year old mother trying to do line dances. My 2 year old great-granddaughter trying to fix my hair. My husband painting my nails.”

Meet Alma from St. Louis, MO

“Seeing children having fun! Children have a way of reminding you of being free!”

Meet Hattie from North Carolina

“My husband acting silly, lol. My grand-baby she is a joy oh my goodness… she is three and she video chats with me every day, the things she talks about… the just random questions she ask. I be like oh noooooooo, lol.”

Meet Sherry from Jacksonville, FL

“Memories of my up bringing , and sharing good memories with my family.”

Meet Frances from Palm Coast, FL

“Happy people, Love, family fun, and a good joke all bring me joy and laughter. Even a puppy chasing his tail or a child running from his shadow.”

– Introduce Yourself! –

We’re calling on the sisterhood of Amazing Ashro Women to introduce yourselves and share your stories. Fill out our questionnaire and share a pic of your beautiful smile.

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I enjoy seeing my grandkids 😊 .I love to make them happy by buying them toys that they love to play with…I love spoiling them and watching them eat pizza , dancing running through the house especially the two youngest ones …I thank God Every day for life and my family…..

Rose Currie

Happy 😃 with my family friends and neghbors play games with my grandkids eating yogurt and cookies 🍪

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Published on May 11 2020

Last Updated on Jul 26 2021

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