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Ashro Caftans Fall Preview

Guest Post
Nicole lives in Westchester County, NY, works in the fashion industry and writes a lifestyle blog called, “The Caftan Cutie.”

Like many people, I have been very much a homebody this year as I try to stay safe from the pandemic that has swept the globe.  I’ve made many adjustments to my “norm,” including what I’ve been wearing.  Earlier this spring I launched a group on social media centered around a particular garment…the Caftan.  It grew organically from a conversation with my big sister saying she was going to start wearing them to work from home.  I took the idea and ran with it first planning a virtual event where my social media friends were invited to wear caftans for a day and at the same time starting a group for us to share our pictures.

My younger sister joked that we would finally get to use all the Ashro catalogs that our Mother used to received.  But the joke quickly became a reality as Ashro became a go to for me and many members of my group looking for affordable and attractive caftan styles!  I love them long, I love them short, brightly colored and neutral!  They’re so easy to wear, universally flattering and versatile.  I don’t just limit my caftans to just staying home…as I begin to venture out more—safely, of course—I am wearing my caftans.

I don’t plan on switching it up when summer ends, so I am so excited to check out a few of the beautiful styles form the Ashro fall catalog!  I was fortunate to be able to try on 4 styles from the fall line…here’s my take!

Zina Long Caftan

A black woman wearing an orange and Afrocentric patterned caftan.

Where I live, the summer temps can stretch into the fall for weeks.  Microfiber fabrics are perfect to transition into the fall season, because the material is breathable and cool when the temperatures are still warm.

The rich golden color and the figures printed throughout the garment are reminiscent of ancient murals.  But my favorite detail is the cowrie shell border!  End of summer, I would style this with an earth tone sandal and my cowrie accessories.  But I can see stepping into fall with a denim jacket and my brown suede ankle boots, and gold accessories.

Jehlani Long Caftan

A black woman wearing an orange and Afrocentric patterned caftan.

The warm tones of this caftan are also perfect as we transition into fall, but the satin material adds a layer of effortless elegance to this caftan.  I couldn’t help but to be drawn in by the beautiful print of the woman figure; and if you look closely at the details you can see that what looks like an abstract border print is actually made up of elaborately drawn masks and turtles.

I am so looking forward to donning some gold hoops and bangles and a pretty strappy shoe with this caftan.  But I won’t limit it to just dressing up—a wide belt and some boots can easily transform this look into something less formal.

Eshe Long Caftan

A black woman wearing a blue and Afrocentric patterned caftan.

This cool blue beauty is another lightweight caftan perfect for the transition from warm to cooler temps.  It drapes beautifully and has the prettiest border print around the v-neckline and down the sides of the garment.

But the prettiest feature is the gorgeous figure of the woman on the front and back!  I’m going to enjoy wearing this with one of my favorite denim jackets as well and dressing it up with my bangles.  As the temps get even cooler, I’ll go for a boho chic look with a long cardi and a pair of boots.

Goddess 3 Long Caftan

A black woman wearing a black and orange and Afrocentric patterned caftan.

Very appropriately named, this Goddess of a caftan is gorgeous and elegant.  This caftan is satin and is elaborately printed with an intricate design that reminds me of a beautiful medallion and jewels.

I totally felt queenly when I tried it on and found that I could keep my accessories minimal so the focus remains on the design.

If you asked me which is my favorite, I wouldn’t be able to answer.  I ooohed and aaahed with each one I slipped on and thought of all the ways I could style each of them.  Caftans have added a great deal of flexibility to my wardrobe this summer, so I am excited to work the looks into my fall wardrobe too!

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Comments (3)

Love Love Caftans. Have collection of about 6.Hace worn them since my thirties. Just ordered 4 from you. Excited about seeing this Fall collection. Will definitely be ordering them.

I think I covered the birthdays and anniversaries of most of the older family members who have grandchildren that they have not seen regularly lately. I think it is going to make a great picture for our family album at our next family reunion, next summer.

Thank you for this Fall line preview from Ashro Nicole! I’m excited to preview the Fall line myself. Excellent reviews. So thankful for the Caftan Cuties group.

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