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Headwraps for Short and Long Hair

There are good hair days and bad hair days. Sometimes we’re trying to protect our natural hair, weaves, and wigs from wind and rain. Other times, we just don’t have the time to spend perfecting our usual hairstyles.

All hail a good headwrap! The benefits our #1 black hair accessory brings to the table are the endless ways you can switch it up. From casual to formal styles, there is not just one way to style a head wrap.

Have you noticed that there are tons of videos showing the many ways to tie a headwrap?  You can spend hours online trying to figure out the right one. After watching more than our fair share of how-tos, plus a few rounds of trial and error, we’ve got the inside track.

There are lots of head wrap styles to wear on short or long hair and even bangs!  Tons of choices are available to switch from quick headwraps to the intricate looks seen in traditional African settings.

African American woman with blue headwrap and multi-tone triple hoop earrings.

Headwrap styles for short hair

Women who wear short hair or TWA-style cuts often love the look but shy away from headwraps. The biggest reason is the feat of sliding and slippage, and the constant need to adjust  (a big no-no).

The risk of a wrap sliding off during the day (eeks!) is a real one. To achieve success, think of headwrap ideas for short hair that use a multi-wrap process. With short hair, create an anchor that gives a bit of volume as the base for the wrap.

The headwrap base can be a smaller cut of fabric styled into a bun to sit on top of your head. Other options include accessories like a bun donut. Feel free to improvise with what you have.

Place the base bun on top of the head, then secure it with a larger piece of headwrap fabric. Finish up by twirling the ends and tucking it to your satisfaction.

Another option is leaving your crown out to tuck a rectangular scarf around your head to secure it. With a little practice, you will master the art of short hair headwraps and look fabulous!

Pro-Tip: Add moisturizer to your hair, then cover with a satin scarf or lined cap as the base to give your hair extra protection from dryness.

Headwrap styles for long hair

African American woman wearing blue and white headwrap with hoop earrings, necklace and matching outfit.

When you think about long hair under a big head wrap, Erykah Badu springs to mind. A quick online search finds lots of tutorials inspired by her signature look. We all fell in love with her big, tall, and bodacious wraps.

But are these easy styles that fit for a beginner? And are there tips for headwraps on braids and weaves and other types of long hair? We say YES!

When tying a headwrap on longer hair, perhaps with locs, braids, and extensions, use the same tricks used for shorter styles. As with short hair, remember that a top bun ponytail is a great base. Keep the top bun loose at the scalp to eliminate friction between hair and the fabric. Remember the golden rule for headwraps: Cute headwraps require practice.

DIY Headwrap ideas for longer hair:

African American woman with long dark braids, yellow headrap and thick gold hoop earrings.

Top Bun

Position the base fabric toward the nape of your neck and wrap toward the front. Twirl the fabric around to the back of your head. Twist the ends of the wrap, tie and tuck the loose material to fit your face.

This look works with all long hair types from naturals to weaves and extensions.  To complete this look, lay down those edges with your favorite hair gel. Explore until you achieve the look and remember to have fun.

African American woman wearing black, red, orange, yellow and white print headwrap

Headband Braid or Extension Style

To create a cute headwrap look for braided styles, find a fabric in a color you love. Place the scarf behind the head, criss-cross toward the front and create a bow. Another option is to double knot the fabric and tuck the ends in the back. Be sure to add moisture to your braids or extensions to prevent dryness under the headwrap.

Headwrap styles with bangs

Bangs are a hairstyle trend that continues to come back over time. There are lots of options, including faux bangs and fashionable clip-ins. Styling a headwrap with bangs is an easy way to add spice to a look.

It’s also a great way to stagger wash day when you run out of time. Many women use headwraps with faux bangs as a protective style to allow their natural hair to rest.

Key accessories for creating these looks are multiple fabrics and bobby pins. Bobby pins help shape your hair and keep the headwrap in place for all day fabulousness.

If using a cotton-based headwrap fabric as the outer layer, always choose a silk or satin fabric to wear underneath. Adding this protective layer provides more support for your natural hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment! There are endless headwrap styles to create for short and longer hair.

Remember, whether short hair/long hair, bangs, half-up, or completely covered, you too can wear fashionable head wraps. Visit to explore and find everything you need to get started on your fabulous fashion headwraps.

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