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How to Tie Headwrap Tutorial – Easy Does it!

All you need is your favorite Ashro head wrap 

Kerre Berry, an African-American woman with black Afro curly hair, wearing a black long-sleeve shirt.

Tutorial from Ashro hair and wig stylist, Kerre Berry, shares how to get this look:

All you need is your favorite Ashro head wrap 

Take it out of the packaging

If you want you can iron or steam it to remove the folding creases:

Because this is a full head wrap I fold it in half:

Then wrap the fabric around your head.  

Gather the two pieces of fabric in the front:

Secure it by tying:

Make a knot:

Secure your knot and place it where you’d like it to be:

Take the two pieces of fabric and twist them:

Criss cross:

Take the twisted fabric and wrap them one at a time around to the back:

Secure the fabric

Either tying them in the back at the nape of your neck or tucking the pieces in the back of the head wrap:

Fun!! So cute. So simple, and yet super easy to create:

And your favorite earrings to make it even more fab!

Meet Kerre

Kerre Berry is a Chicago-based makeup artist and hairstylist. She’s worked for L’Oreal, Lancome, Vidal Sassoon, Nike, Nordstrom, Jockey and Ashro. Still, Kerre always keeps it real, and we think that’s a truly beautiful thing.

Kerre is pronounced like the word “care,” which suits her perfectly because she is indeed a very caring person. She cares deeply about hair, her community AND our Ashro customers.

Now Kerre has been styling hair and wigs since she was just a girl. She knows her stuff—and she’s a bonafide style DIVA, so get ready for something good! When we asked her to share her best bit of beauty wisdom, what she gave us was an inspiring challenge…

“Your hair is your crown and your glory. It’s a part of you, an extension of you, so you need to treat it as such…you need to take care of it.”

Doesn’t that hit home?

Part of celebrating ourselves is caring about what we look like, respecting the person we are becoming—and treating ourselves right. Let’s think on this a minute because that can mean a lot of things…

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