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Ashro Woman: Inga W.

Meet Inga W. from New Rochelle, NY

Inga loves fashion for its mood-boosting power and its creative expression.

“Give me any reason to dress up, and I’ll take it.” She’s into big fancy hats for church, sporty fedoras for dinner out…and just in the last few months, caftans: “They offer an easy elegance which can dress up or down, day or night.”

Inga also believes in the power of gratitude. Wife, Mother and Woman of Faith, she wakes up each morning full of gratitude…for her family, friends, career—all her blessings. Being a mother has taught her that time goes by quickly and that moments are meant to be cherished. Inga makes every moment count: at home with family and friends…and out and about. Not only is she a Senior Business Assistant for a large corporation, but she is also the founder of a modeling and etiquette program. At church, she is a Deaconess, Sunday School Superintendent and Sunday School teacher.

“When you are walking and working in your purpose, it will not feel like it is work.”


Inga Watkins
Where do you live (city & state)?
New Rochelle, NY
1. How would you describe the Ashro woman? How do you embody her?
The Ashro woman is smart, creative and stylish. I have always loved having fun with fashion. I always say that the best way to boost your mood is to get up and dress up.
2. What makes you get up every morning?
I wake up each day filled with gratitude. I am so thankful for my family and friends my career, all of my blessings. I always have something exciting going on in my life, so project that I’m working on, some idea that I want to bring to fruition, something fun to create.
3. What do you do for a living? What do you like most about it? What don’t you like?
I am a Sr. Business Assistant for a large corporation and also the founder of a modeling and etiquette program. I love that I have the opportunity to plan events in both of the positions. I also get to meet and work with so many people. I also love the no two days are exactly alike. I can’t think of anything that I don’t like. Both positions allow me to tap into my creativity.
4. How do you spend your free time?
I spend my free time with my family and friends. At home I garden, decorate and entertain. We also love to travel.
5. What small thing makes you happy?
I love flowers!
6. What is your best dish? Who do you make it for—and where do you typically serve it?
My best dish is my Charcuterie tray. It is a favorite at all of my parties or sometimes I make it for my family for lunch.
7. What has been your greatest struggle…and your greatest (or latest) triumph?
Unfortunately I broke my ankle last year and it was so difficult not being able to go go go. I also lost my Mom six months ago, being without her and missing her everyday is so hard.
8. Who influenced you the most in your life. Why? And in what way?
Definitely my Mom! She got me started Modeling when I was a child and was there to encourage me and be my sounding board for all of my interests and endeavors.
9. Do you volunteer or do charity work? Tell us about it!
I am very active in my church where I was the Sunday School Superintendent and Sunday School teacher. I am currently the play director and a Deaconess.
10. Are you in a sorority? Or is anyone in your family in a sorority? If so, which one and what does it mean to you?
My Mother in law is in the AKA sorority as are many of my friends. I was a long time member of Jack & Jill Inc and am currently an Associate member. Jack & Jill was a wonderful organization to be a part of while my children were young. Bonding with awesome women and planning enriching activities for our children was priceless.
11. What do you love about fashion and style?
I love that fashion is all about creativity. I have so much fun putting together looks and coordinating accessories. I love that fashion can instantly boost your mood. I also love that fashion can convey a mood whether it’s bold, tropical, vintage, futuristic, the ability to create is endless.
12. Has anyone in particular influenced your style?
Coco Chanel because I love the chicness of her designs.
13. What occasions/events do you dress up for? (for example-do you often dress up for church, cultural events, charity events, going out, etc.) And how often do you typically get dressed up?
I dress up for work, church, charity galas, date night with my husband, girls night out. Give me any reason to dress up and I’ll take it!
14. How has your style evolved over time?
Over the last few months I have incorporated Caftans in my wardrobe. I had never worn them before but they offer an easy elegance which can dress up or down, day or night .
15. Do you wear hats? How often and what type of hat? Do you wear them to church? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a hat with us!
I do wear big fancy hats to church and more sporty fedora style hats to dinner and or the movies.
16. Do you wear headwraps? How often? Where did you learn how to tie it? Share a pic of you in a headwrap with us!
I don’t wear headwraps but I do think the look is very pretty. But I do wear Turbans which are very versatile.
17. Do you wear wigs? How often and what length or style? If so, be sure to share a pic of you in a wig with us!
I do wear wigs about 50% of the time. I did the big chop about 2 years ago and got rid of my relaxer so now I am wearing my hair natural. So now when I want to have straight hair I will wear a straight wig instead of taking the time to flat iron my hair. It’s great and so easy.
18. Are you a woman of faith? How does that faith affect your life? Please tell us more.
My faith means everything to merelied on my faith the get through the passing of my Mother. I could not have made it without God’s grace. I begin each day with prayer and thanksgiving for my many blessings. I pray and thank God throughout the day because the Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing.
19. Do you attend church? What church do you go to and what do you love most about it?
I have been a member of St. Catherine AMEZion
20. How are you passing along your faith traditions onto your children/grandchildren?
My children attend church with me and read their bibles. We also discuss faith and God and how they relate to world events. We also love to listen to gospel music.
21. Your best advice?
Pray that God will direct you so that you can find your purpose. When you are walking and working in your purpose it will not feel like it is work. Be good to yourself, forgive others and forgive yourself. Know that you are enough.
22. What lessons has motherhood (or being a grandmother) taught you?
Being a mother has taught me that time goes by so quickly. I have learned to cherish every moment.

 Thanks for inspiring us, Inga!

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