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African Head Wraps Styles To Spice Up Braids and Locs

We put so many hours into our braids and locs. The goal is to maintain perfectly manicured styles, but the reality is, fighting off the unraveling of braids and locs can take lots of time. There’s no time like right now to tighten up our headwrap styles. With a little practice, switching up your style can become an everyday thing.

Let’s be real. It takes a lot of time and money to make those salon appointments happen. A busy schedule means staying on top of those braids, natural and faux locs (sometimes called dreads) on your own. As the edges start to unravel, no worries!

We have some great ways to use head wrap styles on braids, faux and natural locs, even dreads to save the look. Let’s get creative. Grab some fabric and get into “how-to” headwrap mode. Let’s spice up those hairstyles!

African American woman wearing a green, brown, black and white print headwrap and matching dress with drop earrings and leopard print necklace.

Give Braids New Life with African Headwraps

Headwrap styles will save you from the fuzzies as braids get older. All you need is a bit of practice, and now is a perfect time to explore how to do headwraps with braids. You can dress up older braids with a stretchy fabric. In time you’ll be serving up your own head wrap ideas with braids.

Try “two-strand” twisting the fabric into the perfect wrap. To create the two-strand look, take both ends of the fabric and tightly twist it to the end.  Even those with heavier box braids can still slay under an African head wrap. Don’t be afraid to try out different looks! Check out some of the great tutorials on CeeCee’s Closet NYC for some divine inspiration.

Make a top bun, wrap the fabric around to the back, and tuck the ends. Take it down and do it again. There is no end to creating fun looks that will take you from work chat to video date night, in a flash. Explore our blog to find more great ideas for head wrap styles with braids.

African American woman wearing blue and white headwrap with hoop earrings, necklace and matching outfit.

Turban and Head Wrap Styles for Dreads, Faux & Natural Locs

African head wraps and turbans have a rich history.  They also look really great when styled on locs and dreads. As Spring has arrived, this is great to fall in love with bright colors.

Every woman has a different style, practice shaping your head wraps perfectly to your face. Don’t be afraid of bows and top knots. Go big on color and create a mood practicing head wraps for dreads and styles for your natural or faux locs!

For turban scarf styles and more traditional African headwrap styles, you will want to use larger pieces of fabric. The idea is to pile the hair on top and secure it with an under wrap. Under wraps can range from small silk scarves to wig caps.  Feel free to use whatever you have.  From there, try placing it in different ways before tying and tucking the ends. Try out some of the amazing styles Naturally Curly has compiled here: Have fun exploring!

Once you put in a little practice, you’ll be on your way to mastering African head wraps for dreadlocks or any style. The rules of moisture still apply here for faux and natural locs. Before you style any headwrap or turban, be sure to oil your scalp to stop the dry out.  Check out our tips for making sure your hair is protected under any wrap or turban.

African American woman wearing a gold and orange headwrap, matching top, and crown queen earrings

Tips for Protecting Braids/Locs/Dreads

  • Before using any head wrap, oil your scalp and run your fingers down your braids or locs to get the oil into the shaft.
  • braids or locs to get the oil into the shaft.
  • Coconut and olive oils are great for using under protective headwraps on all hairstyles, especially dreads and locs.
  • To add more protection for natural locs, use tea tree oil or other anti-fungal oils for the extra boost.
  • Remember to use a silky wrap as an under wrap to protect from dryness.
  • Box braids and faux locs are often thicker. The rule of thumb for headwraps with box braids: keep your hair and fabric loose enough to tuck, but never too tight.
  • Make a list of your favorite how-to videos and practice turning ordinary fabrics into gorgeous braided head wrap styles.

For a few more pointers, check out Curly Nikki’s tips for fighting breakage and using oils for growth here.

Have fun experimenting!

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