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One Caftan, Three Ways

Meet Janet: Mother, blogger, and Ashro Customer

A black woman sitting in a car, wearing sunglasses and a black cowboy style hat and a red, white and black floral caftan.

When we decided to do an article on styling caftans, we immediately thought of Janet. She loves clothes. But even more, she likes to be creative with the pieces she has—and look great on a budget. Let’s see how she did…

Each look starts with the Anya Short Caftan (but any short caftan will do).

An African-American woman wearing a short red, white, and black floral print caftan and black leggings.
Anya Short Caftan

For all three looks, Janet wore the Anya over pants or leggings, like a tunic. (Tunics are all the rage right now.) Any short caftan can be styled this same way—they’re basically long tunics with a fantastic price tag. Why not take advantage?


We all know that quality time with the ladies is a must—and so is looking fantastic. Having a caftan collection gives you so many fun options. Here, we’ve paired the Anya Short Caftan with pieces that pull out its dominant colors: white pants, red booties and a black fedora. What a fantastic look!

A black woman with arms up, wearing a black cowboy style hat and a red, white and black floral caftan and white pants.

When we proposed that Janet add a hat to this outfit, she was all in. “Hats are my friends. They add a little more oomph.” Hats can instantly…

  • Turn around a bad hair day
  • Change up your look
  • Make you feel as spunky on the outside as you do on the inside

For “Lunch with the Ladies,” Janet also tried a wig for the first time. Why not? She went with the Dylan Wig.

She loved how easy it was to experiment with a whole new look. If you’re ready to try a wig, it’s not hard to get started…and you’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities. Get the basics from our How to Wear a Wig and Why article!

The bottom half of a woman wearing a slim white pant.
Delania Pant
Red faux-suede with patent accents heeled bootie.
Celestine Shoe
A smiling black woman in a long, brown wavy wig wearing a denim blue off-the-shoulder top.
Dylan Wig
A smiling African-American woman with long hair, wearing a wide brimmed burgundy hat with a black band.
Shanay Hat


Janet looks A-Mazing! For “Night Out,” we added our new Corset Stretch Belt to give instant shape, sass and sex appeal. Investing in an accessory like this means you can get more look out of all of your looser dresses, tunics and caftans.

A black woman outside in a city at dusk, wearing a black beret and a red, white, and black floral caftan.

Dressing and buying with intention is a great way to go. Janet loves this approach. “You don’t have to spend a lot to look cute. It just takes a little effort.” She focuses on what’s in her closet, where she’s going, and buys pieces that she can put to good use.

If you feel good in a beret, invest and make this one a signature look. Black faux leather matches just about anything you might have in your closet…and amps up your look in under a minute.

Add blingy leggings and high heels, and WHOA, you’ll be turning heads and feeling fantastic.

Janet definitely brings her own style to the table, too, with her signature red lipstick and sunglasses. “You need to know YOU and what’s going to work for you and your personality. That’s what’s key.”

A black gladiator style heeled shoe in an open weave, with silver studs.
A black faux-leather beret.
Faux Leather Beret
A white and black clutch bag with gold studs detail on the front.
Halona Bag
The bottom half of a woman wearing black sequin leggings and black heeled shoes.
Sally Sequin Legging


After a long day or a hard week, we love a caftan for quiet, recharging time at home. There’s nothing easier. Slip it over your head, and like magic, you’re dressed for relaxing—and you’re still looking like a queen.

A black woman sitting on a brown chaise, wearing a red, white and black floral caftan with black leggings.

During the warmer months, a light, silky caftan is perfect all by itself, but fall and winter call for smart layering. (Even queens get cold.) Let’s keep it sleek and definitely not frumpy. How about fleece-lined leggings and a fitted long-sleeve top? Now that’s cozy and flattering!

Add some zebra slides and you’re looking great at home. You won’t mind a bit if somebody comes to the door.

A black woman sitting in a car, wearing a black cowboy style hat and a red, white and black floral caftan.

As much as we love clothes and making an entrance, there is no doubt that who we are matters more than anything we can wear or buy. We love the way that Janet believes in doing what makes you smile, working hard and continually having an attitude of gratitude:

“Maybe you’re not where you want to be yet, but if you’re better off than you were, you’re making progress. Focus on what you do have, give yourself and your dreams some time and keep going.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks Janet!

Ashro is looking for women who are living their lives with all they’ve got, overcoming struggles and keeping it real. You just might be the next woman to inspire us all. Tell Us Your Story! 

Janet lives in Georgia and writes a blog called, “From My Big Eyes.” She loves to travel and explore—and has even interviewed stars on the red carpet. You go girl!

Comments (23)

I’m a white woman and I love caftans. I have 15 to 20 of them. I wear them mostly at home because they are so comfortable and versatile. In the winter months in Northeast TN. you can wear one over pj’s and they are very warm. In summer the lighter materials are great. I have a couple of short ones I wear as bathing suit cover-ups. Short caftans are wonderful to wear with leggings. Several weeks ago I had an MRI and I wore a long one to the facility, it was perfect for that. As I was walking in to the facility people complimented me and some asked if I was from Africa since I am a dark haired, fairly dark skinned Italian woman.
I give caftans as gifts. My daughter loves them now and wears them every day as lounge and sleep wear. My oldest granddaughter loves them also.

I want to purchase a couple of caftans for Mom to brighten her day and are easy to wear instead of the housecoats she wears. Are the caftans sized for medium persons? Mom is elderly and the caftan would be ideal. Thank you for your response.

I LOVE Ashro style! I’ve been buying from your catalog for many years now, and I’ve gotta say that I get compliments all the time! Ashro has the flash, glamour, spice and flavor that I crave! My daughter always says “You know that they’re gonna look, so you may as well be FLY.”

I am 50 and grew up referring to these as mumu’s. Not sure how it’s spelled…lol! But the elder would wear these a lot around the house. Amazing to see them come back around again. I luv the bold and vibrant colors and patterns. I have a few already that I’ve purchased over time and came across these by Ashro. Will be ordering soon! The kaftans/caftans are comfy, economical, style friendly, great for vacations and cruises! You can dress them up or down or to lounge. You can go from day beach/pool wear and cover ups yo dressing it up for a night on the town! You look beautiful Ms. Janet and thanks for the inspiring message!

I am 62 and my husband is 68 and we love the his and hers African wear. People always want to know where did we buy that outfit. I am Proud to say over 1/2 my wardrobe is from Ashro.

This is wonderful to hear Karen (and William). :) We LOVE having you as customers. Have you filled out our Ashro Woman questionnaire yet? We’d love to hear more about you!

I’m a plus size woman (18 -22)
Caftan size reads one size fits most
Would it fit larger size women

Our caftan sizing goes up to 3X so you should be good Karen! Thanks for asking and checking out our blog!

I ordered my first caftan from Ashro years ago when I was in a belly dance show, to cover my costume until it was my turn to perform. It’s so comfortable and pretty, I’ve worn it a lot but only at home. It’s starting to look raggedy cause I’ve worn it so much! So I’m going to replace my long caftan and also buy a short one to wear out and about with leggings and booties. Thank you, Janet, for fashion inspiration!

Can white women wear your beautiful Afrocentric clothes? The designs and mixed patterns are gorgeous. I am an artist and I love color!

I have been wearing your caftans for years. Love them in the evenings after dinner when I am relaxing. Glad you have a few colors we can wear.

I love the short and long Caftan. I don’t go on vacation without them.

Aren’t caftans great Cynthia?! Thanks for your comment!

I do the pants under the long caftans as well. I split the caftan up each side just below the waist. As you walk you can see the pants. Have received a lot of compliments on this look.

Great idea Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing!

I wear mines outside some comes with a scarf . A great look to wear.

Great to hear Betty! Thanks for the comment!

I wear mine outside also.

I recently ordered a caftan and wasn’t sure about wearing it outside the home, thanks for satisfying my curiosity. I can do this with ease.

For sure Sharon! It’s our pleasure to give you some ideas about wearing a caftan ANYWHERE! :) Enjoy!

Have been doing this for years These short caftans are so versatile!

Awesome Cousin! You look great in the caftan. My fave is the “tucked in at home” look.

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