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Celebrate You

black woman in different summer-like styles-celebrate YOU


Here’s to you, and all the “A-mazing” ways African American women let their “inner light” shine through their statement-making style! From hair styling and accessorizing, to the daring ways you change up your look – you bend the rules to your own fashion will. Ready to find the summer styles that zing with the way YOU Celebrate YOU? Read on for creative inspiration!

“What is she going to wear next!?”

black woman in blue and pink flower print dress sitting at outside cafe

Do you love to keep your friends and family guessing? To you, putting together outfits is like creating art. Finding the perfect statement pieces to paint the picture of “YOU” is key to creating your confident image. Here are a few signature styles from Ashro (plus fashion tips!) to help inspire radiant looks that celebrate you!


From Afrocentric style stars, to wow-worthy whites, fashion blog/ger Xayli Barclay shares her favorite figure-loving
summer ensembles for African American women.

Afrocentric Summer Style

White-Hot Summer Style

Celebrate YOU…with a Wig!

Become. Evolve. Transform. (We Dare You)

black woman wearing short brown honey blond wig with side part

Learn how to wear a wig—and why! Whether you want to switch up your look, turn around a bad hair day or give your styling tools a rest, wigs come in so many gorgeous, ready-to-wear black hair styles: short, curly, long, short. All it takes is a little know-how. Get ready to look amazing!

Kerre Berry, an African-American woman with black Afro curly hair, wearing a black long-sleeve shirt.
Tips from Kerre Berry

Great Getaways!

Celebrate by Taking Time for YOU!

black woman with short wavy reddish hair smiling in pink shirt

International jet setter? Lady of leisure? Family fun seeker or high-seas cruise contessa? Ashro’s lovely contributing writer, Leslie E. Royal, recommends her top vacation spots for African Americans – plus her favorite travel articles, blog sites and trip planners for gals on the go!

A black woman with long hair, wearing a sleeveless green and white palm-leaf print dress with a full skirt.

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