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How-To-Tie Headwraps [VIDEOS]


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This gorgeous head wrap is truly unique because of the wire running through the ends of the wrap.

You’re going to make sure that you secure your hair to the top of your head so that you’re able to achieve this style.

You’re going to fold the headwrap over into two parts in the length-wise direction to make this process super simple.

Now that you’ve done that, we’re ready to get started.

Place your headwrap evenly around the back of your head making sure to bring the two loose ends forward.

You’re then going to secure with a tie at the front and center of your forehead.

Making sure that both ends are even you’re going to twist each end in the opposite direction around the head and tie again.

Here is where we’ll make it final knot to achieve the desired style. Give that knot one final tug for security and you’re almost there.

Finally, you’re going to twist and bend the wire to create a frill on the edges of your wrap and you’re ready to go.

Top Bun

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With this beautiful and bold headwrap, you want to make sure that the ends of your wrap are even. You’re then going to place the center of the wrap around the back of your head and bring the two ends around to the front.

Here is where you make sure that you’ve left enough fabric to cover the top of your head or your hair. Now you’re going to make a secure tie and make sure that it is placed at the center of your forehead area are going to take the right side and twist it around itself in a twirling motion.

You’re then going to wrap it around your head and then tuck it securely into any fold in your headwrap. Now you’re going to repeat the exact same thing with the other side

And there you have it just alter your wrap anywhere you like and you’re ready to go.

Back Bun

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This headwrap is simply gorgeous and will have all eyes on you when worn.

The edges of this wrap can be molded and folded for an even more beautiful finish.

When you’re done with folding the edges of your wrap, you’re going to make sure that the headwrap is even on both sides and place it over the center of your head.

You’re then going to cross each end over the other behind your head and pull in the opposite direction.

Twist and wrap around your ponytail or around your head if you don’t have a ponytail and bring both ends to one side of the head to create a bowl.

Next, you’re going to give a tie so that your wrap stays in place securely.

Your next step would be to tie a bow secure your bow into place and tuck the ends to create a flower effect.

Now you’re ready to go.


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To recreate this look, the first thing you’ll need to do is to make multiple folds on one end of your

Place and hold firmly at your temple to create a foundation and then start wrapping the fabric around your head.

Keep holding onto your foundation as you wrap. Gather your fabric in between your thumb and forefinger so that you can wrap with ease.

The key to this headwrap is to keep gathering within your fingers and wrapping firmly as you move along.

This is where you see the versatility of this headwrap as you can wrap to expose a more solid color or wrap to expose the patterns on the wrap itself.

As you approach the tail end of your fabric, you are going to securely tuck it into any of the folds that you previously made.

Keep tucking until the tail is undetectable and you’re all set.

Pair with some statement earrings and you’re ready to go.


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To easily recreate this look, you want to make sure that your headwrap is placed evenly behind your head.

You’re then going to tie a knot. But before you secure that knot, be sure to shift your fabric either to the left or the right so that the placement of your bow will be on either side.

Now, you’re going to create a simple bow, just as you would tie the laces on your sneakers or a bow on a dress.

Expand your bow on either side and be sure to tuck the remaining ends of your bow into your headwrap.

Now, you have a beautiful statement headwrap you can accentuate with some earrings. And, now, you are ready to go.

Four black women wearing different styles and prints of headwraps, in orange, yellow and black, blue, and pink and blue.

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Published on Jan 12 2021

Last Updated on Sep 22 2021

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