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Picking Your Perfect Wig Color

Guest Post by Wankaya Hinkson, Celebrity Hairstylist & CEO of ONE by Wankaya and a guest on Onward and Upward Season 1

It’s clear to see that wigs have been the trending topic in beauty and fashion. From celebs to influencers and everyone in between, we have witnessed wigs of all textures, colors, and lengths. With this major wig wave, you may be excited and ready to start your wig journey. But with so many styles to choose from you may be a bit overwhelmed with your choices. 

The color of your wig is the foundation of how it will make you feel. Maybe you want something that matches your natural hair color, or perhaps you want to venture off into something new. No matter what you’re looking for, we have some tips that will help you choose the perfect wig color.

Black woman wearing an Ashro wig
Wankaya wearing Ashro’s Carita Wig
by Vivica A. Fox

Matching Your Wig Color with…

Your Skin Tone

If you are looking to venture off from wearing a wig that mimics your natural hair color and want to stay in more natural shades, try using your skin tone as a factor in choosing your color. 

There are two major tones that your skin can be, warm or cool. Warm means that the undertones of your skin are red or yellow, and cool means that the undertones of your skin are blue or green. An easy way to test this is based on how you dress in your clothing. Do you find that you look better in warmer tones? Then you most likely have warm undertones and vice versa.

Deciphering your undertones will be a big help in deciding what hair color may suit you best, especially if you are looking to venture outside your natural hair color.


Your Eye Color

Similar to wearing makeup to make your eye color pop, you can also do the same with wigs. Selecting a wig color based on your eye color is similar to choosing a color based on your skin’s undertones. If you have warm-toned eyes, for example, golden brown, a more cool-toned color may be the best choice for you. Vice versa, a cool-toned eye color, like black-brown or blue, would look great with warmer toned wigs like honey blond and golden brown.

Maybe you need a bit more direction in terms of what colors are out there to try, and with the many options available, it can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we wanted to give you some color options that may be good for you to try.

Golden Brown: This is a very popular color in hair right now as it brings a lightness and glowing quality to your face. It’s also a great color to try during the summer as it fits with the season’s warmth and sun-kissed styles.

Dark Brown: This is a classic color, and a staple for any wig aficionado. The reason why this color has kept its timeless run is because its deep chocolate is one of the most flattering.

Neutral Blonde: Going blonde is one of the best colors that you can start with for wigs. Many wig colors with ash or beige toned bases tend to be flattering on multiple skin tones.

Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are looking for a bit more guidance into choosing your perfect wig color, here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Coloring Your Wig: Let’s be real, sometimes a wig’s color may not be what you hoped it to be. If this is the case, you have the option to dye/color your wig. First, you need to determine whether your wig is made from synthetic or human hair, and once that is decided, you can decide what will be the best steps for achieving the perfect color. We do suggest bringing your wig to a salon to get it done professionally, so that your color is exactly how you want it to be, 
  1. Colors That Won’t Fade: Keep in mind that color will fade over time, so when you choose your wig color, consider where you live. Do you get a lot of sunlight where you live? If so, dark colors may not last as long and will be faster to fade. 
  1. Get Familiar With Wig Color Codes: Codes are a way to distinguish what colors and blends that the wigs are common in the hair industry. If you do come across this when purchasing your wig, here is a short key to refer to. 

Experimenting with wig colors can be incredibly exciting and daunting when you look at all the choices you have, especially when new and out-of-the-box colors become more mainstream. So remember to start slow and try one color at a time. Taking the time to find a color that fits you and makes you feel confident is top priority.

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S tone Tan hair color dark brown.

I am 70 and would like more selection of salt and pepper in Natural style either head band naturals about 10 inches
Thank you
Linda T

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